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Wartune Patch 7.8 Teasers #2

Hey everyone, in this post I share with you Wartune Patch 7.8 Teasers #2. If you have missed the 1st part please check also the previous post Wartune Patch 7.8 Timing & Teasers.

New Devotion System

A detailed video on this is coming up on my YouTube channel (

New NPCs in Cloud City

Ifrain and Isabel

Bruno and Padder

Warder, Arlos and Waldorf

Bounty Spot

This is a mini-feature inside a new EXPLORE sub-system of Eudaemon Patrol.

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  1. bonjour

  2. So Eud Bounty is in Patrol now? I was hoping for a Willpower patrol…

    • that I bet will definetly come in the future…but at the same time I do like the little eudamons for collective purposes.

  3. interesting…It’s kinda nice that they putted things that gives more npc’s to access events, that will hopefully make it easier to figure out stuff for the newer players and WHERE to find the little things games to do…especially when I had to teach them about it. So that is a little nice touch.

    but they’re forgetting the most important character there is…And it’s Sir Yannick ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)…do you guys remember him? And no…bounty for eudamons DO NOT count.

  4. so looking at cloud city noticed time portal titan temple edu abyss moved out of outland map so we going to see outland nerfed as its a waste of time?

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