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Discussing World Boss changes in Wartune Patch 7.8

Hey everyone! Since I saw some player disappointed comments about the changes to World Boss in Wartune Patch 7.8 I wanted to write this article to talk about it. For those who missed that World Boss video, you can see it at the bottom of this article.

OK so the whole controversy is about the new maximum 10 million gold/daru reward ceiling when fighting the World Boss. That looks really bad if you see it for the first time, but:

  • It is actually per battle like I showed in my video and not for the entire World Boss event.
  • It permits players to do several World Boss battles because it is INVINCIBLE for 5 minutes.
  • And more that I discuss below:

Per Battle Reward & PROS / CONS

The important point to understand is that the 10 mil max is after 1 full battle. There are some important consequences of this:

Positive Consequences:

  1. It makes it important to die as fast as possible.
  2. Even if you could survive the World Boss special attack on round 5 it is now better to on purpose die and not survive! This is a first time ever change of concept in Wartune.
  3. It stabilizes World Boss income! It will no longer be a lucky 80 million one day and unlucky 15 million on another day. You are basically guaranteed around 3-5 World Boss battles during his invincibility which guarantees you up to 30-50 million income each World Boss event!
  4. It allows lagging players who were loading the battle while we already killed the BOSS to get some attacks.
  5. It allows lower level or lower Battle Rating players to fight for a few rounds.

Negative Consequences:

  1. The main negative is the reduction of rewards for high BR players who used to earn 50-200 million gold and daru per World Boss with around 30%+ damage to the BOSS. However, it is also fair to say that this was too much reward and because of that these players maxed out everything that has to do with gold and had nothing else to do with gold. Many would just throw their extra gold into Guild Contribution. So I think to be fair it is really not the end of the world if a high BR who does not really need gold to get a bit less gold (let’s say 40-50 mil instead of 80 mil). I do not think it would really impact their account in any way since they have nothing to buy with gold.
  2. Technically the battle now takes minimum 5 minutes, so a bit longer than 5 seconds 🙂
  3. It removes by large any strategic element of players trying to play smart to earn more income. Because now if you make a good configuration or a smart attack sequence you do not rewarded for that since it is blocked at 10 mil.

Please see my conclusion and discussion below the video.

REFERENCE: VIDEO: Wartune Patch 7.8 – New WORLD BOSS Configuration Gameplay Guide

Result / to conclude

Based on the listed PROS and CONS I have to force myself to conclude that positives outweigh the negatives and therefore this is a good change. However, my personal opinion is that this was a very lazy solution by the Wartune devs which removes completely any strategic thinking in the World Boss event. My biggest concern is the 3rd point in the negatives – I believe players should be rewarded if they play smart and this change removes that completely. Also fighting an enemy who is not allowed to lose Health feels “idiotic”. So basically the game admits that this is no longer a challenge for the player and cheats by making WB invincible for 5 minutes.


  • Do you agree with the PROS and CONS – did I miss any point?
  • Based on the detailed explanation do you think this was a good change or not?
  • Do you agree with my final conclusion about this being a lazy solution by Wartune devs?

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  1. yup the fun part of wb for me is the strategic plan to deal as much damage as i can so that i will get better rewards. skill rotation, runes, titans even sylph n eud can makes different in damage output. now u can simply just hit the afk button n let the ai run ur toon auto since gold n daru that u’ll get is capped at 10 mil no matter what u do which is boring.

    • Exactly. Сompetitive point of event is totally ruined with this change. No motivation to do anything. Just click afk button and forget about the game for 5 minutes. I really enjoyed achieving new records on world boss.

  2. Better solution was to put a %90 damage reduction shield on world boss. And for the lower BR players, any damage would yield minimum fixed amount of gold and daru (lets say 1mil gold +1mil daru + damage earning)

  3. Here are my thoughts on this. I would say most people doing world boss, especially the higher br players, are doing it for the daru to level up guild beast and not the gold since they would have everything gold related maxed.

    With this 10 mil limit, yes high br players are going to get less now but more lower br players are going to get more than they used to. So in theory this could allow beast to level up faster.

    But the issue is this 10 mil limit could cause alot of bigger players to skip world boss completely since they are getting less rewards and taking more time. Which if that happens, then beast would still not get leveled up any faster. Unless enough lower players start doing world boss to make enough difference.

    But not sure why they need to have that 10 mil limit. As I said, I think in general, most people that was doing world boss was doing it for the daru and not the gold. So if they didn’t have this limit, higher players would get lots of daru and beast would level up pretty fast. Does wartune not want us to level up beast that fast?

    I guess this is more of a balance than anything.

  4. To be honest in the long run this is actually better. We all complained that it was way too quick and we did not get enough gold. So now we have to adjust and let the boss kill us every 5th turn. It’s about time that they actually helped the little guys and the laggy toons. Most of us can still get at least 50 million gold/daru if you do it right. If the higher players don’t want to do then good for them.

    • not exactly. who lag will do now not only 1-2 hits but 1-2 runs in less. mean a lot difference of gold only because a player lag too.

  5. Most players don’t even need the Gold/Daru-Heck-I am running around with 1.5 BILLION gold on me and have 6 stacks of livestock in my vault- and have 17 BILLION Daru. All my troops are maxed. Daru has become a currency for voyages ect. WB has become a “who’s got the bigger Johnson” contest.

    • May not need the gold but players still need daru to upgrade beast. That is the main reason I do wb, well that and devo

  6. If you enter WB after it has started, would you be able to get devo?

  7. It has been so long since I saw World boss last more than one round that I think overall it’s beneficial to any player who is weak and growing tune on cashiers and 2 anyone with any amount of leg

  8. I might actually do WB. I lag a bit and the same greedy whales steal all the gold/daru every WB. People ask politely for them to sit out once in a while, but they still do it (just to be jerks or to get their names listed or something). Most players it’s a plus. It’s only a negative to those handful of whales that hog the WB.

  9. The reward was before 1/5 of the dmg like
    5 mil dmg=1 mil gold Anybody knows how is the calculation now?

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