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Wartune Patch 7.8 Eudaemon Patrol BOUNTY & EXPLORE Guide

Hey everyone! In this post I share with you the guide for Eudaemon Patrol BOUNTY & EXPLORE which is a new change / feature in Wartune Patch 7.8. This is the Wartune developer’s guide which is also sent to all Wartune publishers to share with the players with some additions from me. So here we go:


Eudaemon Patrol has been updated with a new feature: Exploration! Explore for more adventures and more rewards!

How to Enter Eudaemon Patrol:

After the update, players can enter Eudaemon Patrol and Bounty Targets by clicking the Eudaemon Patrol Bounty at God Timo.


I. Eudaemon Patrol

a) Level cap of Base Camp and Watchtower has been raised to level 10.

b) When Watchtower reaches level 10, Willpower can be deployed to patrol around.

c) Place a Willpower at a level 10 Watchtower to meet the requirements of all difficulties of Patrol Quests in Watchtower. Willpower cannot meet all Patrol Quest requirements at the same time. In other words, no matter how high the Willpower’s attributes is, it can only fulfill requirement of one of the Patrol Quest.

d) Exploration has been added. Players can deploy Eudaemon or Willpower to explore under the Watchtower panel and receive exploration bonus rewards once the corresponding bounty spot monsters are defeated. The higher the level of the Eudaemon/Willpower deployed, the better the rewards. Each exploration takes 6 hours and quitting is not allowed during this time.

II. Bounty

a) The entrance of a new Bounty Spot is besides the Watchtower. Each Watchtower has a corresponding Bounty Spot next to it.

b) Higher level Bounty Spot monsters offer better rewards. Monster level starts at level 1. Monster level in a Bounty Spot will increase after a successful challenge. If a challenge fails, the difficulty of Bounty Spot monsters will lower.

c) Players will receive fixed Bounty Spot rewards and exploration bonus rewards each time they defeat monsters. This only occurs when players have sent Eudaemon or Willpower for exploration.

d) A Bounty Spot will vanish once monsters are eliminated and will refresh at 00:00 the next day.

Eudaemon Patrol Explore


  • Finally Willpowers can be used – that’s a great improvement that players were waiting for. But rewards are also based on highest level so we might need both high level Willpowers and Eudaemons. What are your thoughts?
  • What is your first impression about the new changes to Eudaemon Patrol and the new feature of Exploration – do you like these Wartune changes?

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  1. This I will reserve judgement on to see if overall daily rewards are better or worse for me.

  2. if rewards is random by second sreen then is total bs

  3. i prefered eudaemon patrol removed. i not to it, only for devo. and maybe we’ll must do it…

  4. are eudaemon diamond still in rewards

  5. prolly not cuz they dont have evnts right

  6. we havent had 1 for almost 3 months how u suppose level them when theres no events like normal for blood or diams had sylph mount training refine prolly 20 times no eud events

  7. all they ever say is sorry for inconv and nvr fix anything but make new stuff when have all old stuff dont work like hand book dont work

  8. only thing wartune cares about is people spending there money and nvr fix anything only add new stuff so spend more

    • no cry! it’s a pay to win game so don’t cry about their methods

  9. My server just got this feature. Tried it, and can’t get any Explore rewards at all. What’s the trick? And, if there is a trick, they probably should’ve made it clearer on how to use this feature.

  10. WP are bugged when it comes to patrol requirements. It met the normal requirement (lv3) but failed to meet hard one (2k light res). Funny thing is, my wp has 20k+ light res. It easily meets any res requirements, yet it doesn’t meet them. Anyone else have this bug? I’m the first one on my server (it seems) to have a lv10 watchtower. Weird that a wp with 20k light res “doesn’t meet” the 2k light res requirement.

    • yes there is a bug but not the way you describe it and it has an easy solution – i had something like that before when i moved around Holy Sword from one sylph to another – the Eudaemon still showed the higher RES although actually he did not have that
      so the easy way to fix this problem is when you are finished doing Time Portal / moving around your Holy Sword then equip the Holy Sword on the sylph you finally want and UN-equip / equip that sylph to reset the RES on the Willpower / Eudaemon to make sure that you are looking at the actual RES and not the “old” RES from a previous setting
      – COSMOS

      • I tried but it doesnt work. Willpower doesnt meet any hard requirement of any tower.

      • I just watched your videos on the new patrol system and now everything makes sense, in a crazy way of course, but thank you for clearing things up. I like your videos, keep up with the good work!

      • thank you 🙂
        (support if can)

      • I tried equipping/unequipping… the works. It doesn’t work right. The wp will only meet 1 requirement. If you have a eud that meets normal, the wp will meet the hard requirement. Alone, the wp should meet almost every possible requirement (except the ones that require a specific eud for nm).

      • VIDEO: Wartune Guide – How to use Willpowers with Level 10 Watchtowers in Patch 7.8

  11. Patrol, the willpower can only do the 1st one. Is totally backward ( eudys more powerful than wills).
    2nd) the will battle attrs are pure fiction on the patrol screen.

    THe whole thing is nerfed. I predict it will take 4 months to fix. w/o any ack from r2 … thanks for listening

  12. Warning: If you leave a bounty for a day it gets reset to lvl 1. I tested it when a bounty was at lvl 5 and maybe once you get over a certain level it only resets to that level but I don’t want to test it now just in case it gets reset to lvl 1 again. Odds that I miss a day in the near future are fairly high so chances are all my bounties will be reset to lvl again making the reward system useless. Another way to get players to spend more Balens.

    • Yes this is a feature/problem with bounty that I have a problem with too. Prior to the patch doing bounty you knew you were going to get the same lvl of rewards everytime you did it, now you have to start at the lowest lvl and lord forbid you miss a
      day as it will erase all your hard work to get the rewards you were getting before the patch! Hey Cosmo do you know if it resets to lvl 1 regardless of which lvl you were at if you miss a day?

      • Hi, RE: your question, no, as I wrote I believe it is a few levels max per day if skipped, but if always skipped I suppose will go down to level 1 eventually.

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