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Wartune Patch 7.8 CASTLE WARS Guide

Hey everyone! In this post I share with you the guide for Castle Wars which is a new feature in Wartune Patch 7.8. This is the Wartune developer’s guide which is also sent to all Wartune publishers to share with the players. So here we go:


There shall be a great feast if we win this war!

How to Enter Castle Wars:

Click the top event icon or visit NPC Arlos in the Cloud City to enter.

Timing / Duration & Conditions

  • Unlock Time: 21:30 – 22:00 every day
  • Unlock Condition: Castle Wars is a monsters crisis survival event. Players participate in the event in a guild. The Guild Master need to spend 5 million Guild Wealth to enroll their guild. After signing up, every guild member can join. Sign-up data resets on the first day of each month.

Castle Wars Gameplay Guide

1) Each round divides participating guilds into two teams: Blue and Red. Upon entering the event, players will join the team which their guild stands for. Players will garrison the castle and fight monsters to defend their castle. The first team to eliminate all monsters will win, or if a team’s castle is destroyed by monsters, the other team wins automatically.

2) Players can select a strategy to garrison or fight once the countdown to start has ended. Click the “Fight” button and your troops will move towards the monster cave. During the movement, when running into monsters, the troops will automatically fight them. Troops will continue to move forward after a successful battle, but player HP will not restore during the event. If a player dies, they will have to wait 30 seconds till the cooldown ends to select another strategy. Meanwhile, they will receive a battle buff, which will increase their attributes by a certain percentage. The buff will vanish after the player wins a battle.

3) Monsters respawn around the cave at intervals and march towards the center of the battle ground. When there are no troops to garrison the castle, the monsters will attack the castle, resulting in the reduction of the castle HP. The event ends when the castle’s HP reaches 0. Each time a player defeats a monster, a rival’s monsters cave adds two monsters.

4) When monsters are attacking the castle, the troops will be able to attack the cave if their amount is larger than that of the monsters (max. 3 attempts). After 3 battles, players will have to re-select strategy (choose to garrison or fight). A team wins after clearing the monster cave.

5) Players will be able to change skills after defeating a certain number of monsters. Different skills give different effects.

Picture Skill Name Skill Description
Intimidate Instantly remove 5 monsters from the cave on your side.
Invoke Instantly add 5 monsters to attack rival’s base.
Bless Increase attributes of the battling troop by 2%.
Onslaught Directly attack rival’s garrison troops or attack the base if there are no garrison troops.

6) Players who have been AFK for more than 5 minutes will be kicked out of the event and will not receive any battle reward. They will only receive match result reward.

7) Players can click “Garrison” to return to the castle, but this will not restore HP (Players will stay in the castle after clicking “Garrison” so they will not be kicked out).

Victory and Failure

  • Destroy Enemy Castle: When a team’s castle HP becomes 0, the other team wins.
  • Eliminate Monster Cave: When all monsters in one monster cave are eliminated, the event ends. The team that eliminates all monsters wins.
  • Event Timeout: When event time is over, if both castles have remaining HP, then the team with more HP wins.
  • Event Timeout Decider: When event time is over, if both castles have the same amount of HP, then the team with more points wins; if point amount is the same, the team that kills more monsters win. If both teams kill the same number of monsters, they tie with each other and neither will receive match result rewards.

Castle Wars Settlement (a.k.a. Rewards)

  • Match Result Reward: Match result rewards are issued by mail after each event (Check the above text for conditions of victory and failure).
  • Monster Reward: After defeating monsters, players will receive random drops and personal points.
  • Personal Point Reward: Players with 50 or more personal points will be ranked and credited with rewards.


  • So roughly speaking it is like Hero Trial but with monsters 🙂
  • It does not take much time (max 30 min) but the rewards are not expected to be amazing (as a couple of German Wartune players commented), so I suspect those players who play the Hero Trial might play this too but those Wartune players who skip doing the Hero Trial completely will also skip this.
  • Important point which I also mentioned in my Devotion video is not to miss the timing (21:30 – 22:00 every day) because this is worth 15 Devotion points. So even if you don’t play it I suggest just popping in to get the easy (and big) 15 points of devotion.
  • So what is your first impression – do you like this new Wartune feature?

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  1. WHAT!?…ON THE SAME DAY!?…cmon man.

    oh well…at least theres more to read

    • huh?…you need more patrons?…i’ll give it a try

  2. Does this replace Imperial Wars? Or is it another guild activity for another day of the week?

    I still miss the OLD version of guild battles… 🙁

    • From what i understand this has the same timing as tank wars now. I also believe that tank wars will be removed and replaced with castle wars. I will really miss tank wars, as i only used to do tank wars for the mount shard. With the mount shard from tanks we could synth Stormwind Mutant then recycle that for 160 beast souls. Goodbye Stormwind Mutant.

      • You still get tank shards in castle wars

  3. Why are all these new events taking place when us Europeans tend to be asleep? Its time Wartune acknowledged the number of players from other time zones, unless of course our participation and spending is irrelevant!

    • They do have 4 different groups of servers that are in 4 different time zones. Maybe you are playing on the wrong server for your time zone.

      • Unfortunately there was no information indicating this when I started playing 5 years ago.

      • When I started playing Koram was West Coast US only. But back then we had things twice a day, so people like me on the East Coast could do it once a day. Not going to be able to do this one except maybe Saturday night. Luckily at 63M BR I don’t really need it.

  4. REMOVE ALL MENU ICONS FROM TOP SCREEN of Wartune game! My head hurts from so many light on that icons. If need something, just move in Cloud City. Simple!

    • So if all you do is move around Cloud City…close the tray of Icons. Simple!

  5. i see rewards isnt shown specialy,mean be poor select 100%

  6. Too late at night

  7. This is awful! Tanks isn’t great, but at least it gives EVERYONE +15 devo for FREE. Now with this 5 million guild wealth monthly sign up thing, most mid and small guilds are gone!

    • yes i agree, 5 mills to sign up? its rediculous

    • With the world boss being invincible for the first 5 minutes that we fight it we will all be able to get more gold/daru from it. So if we all contribute more gold to guild this 5 million contrib cost for sign up is nothing.

      • Yes but most guild shop items are useless and the useful ones have a very small daily limit. Mid and small guilds typically have 20 or fewer actives and usually less than 1/4 of the actives would contribute more than 40k gold per day. With that into account, only those with 20*4=80 or more actives (or the top 2-4 guilds on each server) would survive.

  8. with all this contribution wealth the small guilds are going to die

  9. Tanks gone for this? Just great

  10. Any insight into how scoring works in castle wars? 2 players with same amount of fights have different points.

    • Hi, sorry i don’t know the answer to that at this moment. Maybe someone else might reply.
      – COSMOS

  11. Thx. COSMOS for yor support with these posts.

    • Thanks Monika 🙂

  12. normal way things go, replace free events with “dign in ” events to force individual players or small guilds to merge into big guilds. result = it sucks

  13. any info if daily login is now working regular ? missin at least 1 every 10 days, so never get full reward for last weeks, seems like a way of cheating

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