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How to do Eudaemon EXPLORE in Patrol

Hey everyone! As some Wartune players have difficulty understanding or doing the Eudaemon EXPLORE inside the Eudaemon Patrol I am posting this guide to help you out.

So as you know the old Bounty Targets have moved inside the Eudaemon Patrol and are now called Bounty Spot and are accessible via a scroll-looking-like icon next to the Watchtowers. But instead of the usual “attack and get Bounty rewards” there is also a tab open showing additional EUDAEMON EXPLORE bonus rewards.

Those bonus rewards are blank if you just click on Bounty Spot. In order to see rewards there you need to first enter the Watchtower and click EXPLORE and send 1 Willpower or Eudaemon to explore, which takes 6 hours. After doing this you will see the bonus rewards and the type of items depend on which level Eudaemon/Willpower you sent to EXPLORE.

The second after you send a Eudaemon/Willpower on exploration you can already attack that specific Bounty Spot – you do not have to wait for 6 hours. Those 6 hours are just time required to liberate that Eudaemon/Willpower.

So the STEPS for Eudaemon EXPLORE rewards:

  1. Click on Watchtower next to the Bounty Spot.
  2. Click on EXPLORE tab.
  3. Send the best (highest level) Eudaemon/Willpower on Explore.
  4. Exit Watchtower tab.
  5. Enter Bounty Spot of that specific Watchtower.
  6. Attack (Challenge button).
  7. Get rewards for Bounty + Explore (example picture below)

Again to highlight the Exploration rewards are not fixed. They change depending if you sent a Eudaemon or a Willpower and, in addition to that, the level matters. Here are 2 example screenshots from a maximum level Eudaemon/Willpower:

Also note that the top level has much better rewards than any other level. Other levels vary by amounts but the top levels have new items:

Maxed out Eudaemon EXPLORE rewards:

Rewards include Eudaemon Soul Stone.

Maxed out Willpower EXPLORE rewards:

Rewards include Talent Stones and Will Gear.

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  1. Thank you very much !!!

    • 🙂

  2. I noticed you only received the blood of zeus as an exploration reward. I only received one item too. Disappointing since all my rewards were blood of zeus.

    • R2`s randome reward (blood of zeus) has 99% to drop)) only r2 can be so stupid, greedy and brainless (about castle war)

  3. Thank you. very good explanation.

    • ❤

  4. Everyone who hate “black magic” donate 1 USD for COSMOS, come on- work he is doing help us lot…

    • How much you donated to COSMOS?

  5. I would suggest that some of the lower level willpower rewards might be more useful than the top ones, e.g. getting 1 of the 3 willpower skill books as a possible drop off a lvl 4 wp

  6. your maxed rewards for willpower and eudaemon are pitiful. For all the time you spend doing the patrol and the explore the rewards should be more. I can’t quite understand why you dispense so few and small quantities of items we need to increase our toon’s br. Baffling.

    • Are you pretending to be stupid or are you really so stupid that you do not understand my multiple explanations that I am not the owner of Wartune – this is a Wartune blog – I am a Wartune player providing service for you. If you do not understand such basic concepts then there is nothing else to discuss.
      – COSMOS

  7. Well this is nicely and cleanly illustrated can’t ask for more.Even I got it easily but didn’t know about that attack immediately after sending euda to explore..till today I was waiting for 6hours lols.Thank you very much for such nice tips. 🙂

  8. I have left the euds and willpowers permenantly in Explore. In other words, I have not been ending their explore, just leaving them in.

    Is there any reason not to do this? Just curious.

    Crol S67-Kabam

    • It depends which type you have. For example I have 3 Willpowers so I have to move them 2 times to get all 9 locations with those 3 that I want. Otherwise if you are using let’s say 9 level 3 Eudaemons then you can leave them in their locations and never change.
      – COSMOS

      • I see! Hadn’t considered moving them daily. Nice suggestion.

        And thanks for great article.

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