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Wartune Patch 7.8 GACHA / GACHAPON Guide

Hey everyone! In this post I share with you the guide for Gacha or Gachapon which is a new feature in Wartune Patch 7.8. This is the Wartune developer’s guide which is also sent to all Wartune publishers to share with the players. So here we go:


Gacha is now live to test your luck! Play the Gacha machine to win big!

How to enter Gacha:

During the event period, click the event icon on top of the screen to enter.

Gachapon Gameplay Guide

Once the event unlocks, players can click the event icon to open the event panel. Use Key Gacha or spend certain amounts of Balens to play and receive random prizes.

1) Click “Play x1” to receive one reward.

2) Click “Play x10” to receive 10 rewards plus an extra chest reward, which is sent by mail.

(Make sure the number of Key Gacha you own is 10 or more to avoid using Balens when clicking “Play x10”)

3) Basic Reward: Players get basic reward when they play a certain number of times.

4) When a player has won a big prize, a message pops up in the world chat to inform all players of the collectable Transfer Luck reward. All players (Level 17 or higher) can open the Gacha panel to collect a Transfer Luck reward within the required duration. If another big prize is won during the duration, players will be able to collect one more Transfer Luck prize.

5) Each Key Gacha has its own valid duration (5 days) and will expire once the time is over. Please use them in a timely manner!

Gachapon Points Shop

  • Click the Points Shop button at the bottom left of the event panel to enter.
  • Every time you play Gacha, you receive a corresponding amount of points, which can be used to buy certain items in the Points Shop.
  • Points Shop will be closed the day after Gacha has ended. Points will be reset to 0 when the Point Shop is closed! Please use your points in a timely manner!

UPDATE: Shop configuration 13 June 2018


  • A totally new feature – seems rewards are available for all players although probably top rewards will require balen usage. Still any additional rewards are usually welcome by players (but let’s see what items and quantities).
  • The “dangerous” point is that everything is reset to zero when the event finishes so we really have to make sure / remember to use all the points. I personally dislike any event that resets to zero as people can have busy lives and I don’t see why Wartune players cannot take their rewards later when it is convenient to them.
  • To highlight again the warning in red, we have to make sure we have 10 keys before clicking on “Play x10” or it will use balens if you have on account.
  • Mixed feelings about this event 🙂
  • So what is your first impression – do you like this new Wartune Patch 7.8 feature?

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  1. Is Dreamland still going to be in the game? The point shop is exactly the same as the dreamland shop

  2. we have not gotten this yet, S19 kabam-gamerocks server

  3. We still don’t have this

    • I think it is something admins have to launch manually so we will have to wait until they do that.

  4. Is that the right shop? There is a guide posted on r2 forums about this and it has a totally different shop.

    • Hi, I just updated the article with a large picture of the shop as I see it right now.
      Remember they can always change the configurations of shops (not saying they will), but anyways now you can see what it will be in this cycle.
      – COSMOS

  5. so only balens or other way to get key’s to? hates this unclear sht of R2

    • Notice there is a reward there for free players as well so I think free plays should keep checking it to see if they can pick it up, I think it was up to 30 times max depending if it becomes available or not.
      – COSMOS

  6. too many points required for buy mount. impossible for free players 🙁

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