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Wartune Patch 7.8 Timing & Teasers

Hi everyone! In this post I share with you the updated expected timing for Wartune Patch 7.8 and also share with you several picture teasers.

Expected Timing

The Patch is expected to arrive in April as I previously communicated via DolyGames Wartune Twitter and Facebook pages. Now a bit more exact timing detail as follows:

  • The first servers, also known as launch or pre-launch servers, are expected to receive the patch on the 12th of April 2018.
  • After this usually, based on history, it takes 1 week until all other servers receive the patch, so the target for all Wartune servers to receive Patch 7.8 is 19th of April 2018.

Next, I share with you some teasers:

Wartune Patch 7.8 Teasers



Both myself and other Wartune publishers will also publish the developer guides for Wartune Patch 7.8 and, as usual, I will try to provide more, and clearer, information thereafter.

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  1. So the 3th Picture show something is changing that have the flags with number. (seem like its in Eudaemon Patrol Map) Correct?

    2nd Picture show something is changing World Boss. lol
    (But don’t know is there any different like adding more HP or become much harder or added more Gold & Daru etc, I don’t Know. Since it say World Boss Currently Invincible).

    First Picture where is that adding to look smiliar to Hero Trail??

    4th Picture – is that gonna added to somewhere like a game place or what (any detail) 🙂

    • stay tuned details are coming very soon

  2. Do you think it’s possible that all servers get the patch on the 12th? That is what happened last time we got a patch, everyone got the patch at the same time instead of pre launch servers getting a week early. But maybe that was just a mistake.

    But really what is the purpose of the pre-launch servers? In general, companies would use that to test for bugs and whatnot and fix them before it gets released to all servers. But this company does not do that. And also they already have test servers which I would imagine they could use those servers for testing unless it’s not possible on those test servers.

    • > hi, anything is possible to happen, but this is the info for now
      > the purpose of pre-launch is if there is some major bug which comes to light they can address it before all servers get it
      > there is a difference if a couple of persons test for bugs versus if 1000s of players start trying million combinations

  3. It took them long enough to change world boss. How long have players been suggesting that? They do sometimes make changes we want but just takes them forever.

    Now just have to wait and see if it is actually better.

    I did see a screeshot showing stuff like titan temple moved out of outlands and into cloud city as well like players have been suggesting ever since they added the stuff inside of outlands.

    • titan temple being removed?…yes pls.

      And why change the world boss now?…OH I can’t wait to get more loot

      • The guy above said “moved” titan temple not “removed” unfortunately 🙁

        yeah took them way to long to make the WB change i was waiting the 4+ years that i played (i know some have waited even more)

  4. na versao wartune brasileira feita oasis games ja tem world boss mudado mas la e muito pior admistraçao da oasis games patchs totalmente fragmentados um horror.

  5. In the German Version we already have this little update.
    1. Picture is a small Guild battle, which is every day…the rewards are only good for new players:(
    2. Picture. The WB has unlimited life for 5 minutes and then you can kill him. BUT! You can only earn 10 million Gold in one round…so a very stupid change for strong players (at least all players can get easy to the WB for the Devotion)
    3. This one is the bounty target.
    4. This one we get during the Rave Event. You can open it with Balens and you get some from the Rave for free…You get a random Item and some points (green=10points, blue 15,lila 15)
    Then you can change the points into Items. (We had a mount for 2500 points, a set of clothes, Stones to unlock new Titans, and other small stuff)

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