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Wartune Patch 7.8 Optimizations Guide

Hey everyone! In this post I share with you the guide various “Optimizations” done in Wartune Patch 7.8. This is the Wartune developer’s guide which is also sent to all Wartune publishers to share with the players. So here we go:

1) World BOSS Optimization

After two years of training, the World BOSSES have mastered a super power, allowing them to enter a state of invincibility. But however powerful the BOSSES are, they can be defeated as long as players work hard together. Don’t give up the good fight!

Note: During the period when a BOSS is invincible, attack damage to the BOSS also counts in the final settlement.

Note 2: Haven’t verified yet but some indication that rewards will be capped at 10 mil max, i.e. good for lower BR and not-so-good for higher BR players.

2) Event Entry Adjustments

Thanks to efforts of all warriors, the riots in the Outlands – Titan City have been put down. NPCs in the Cloud City have begun to take charge of different events.

  • Titan Temple – NPC Salisbury
  • Time Portal – NPC Waldorf
  • Endless Abyss – NPC Padder
  • Time Cavern – NPC Warder

3) Simplification of Top Icons

The following features will be handed over to Cloud City NPCs.

  • Eudaemon Signet – NPC God Timo
  • Fashion Chest – NPC Ifrain
  • Rider’s Chest – NPC Ifrain
  • Dreamland – NPC Isabel
  • Lord’s Trial – NPC Bruno

4) Devotion Optimizations

  • a) Optimized Devotion UI.
  • b) Added more Devotion quests.
  • c) Added Weekly Devotion Chest rewards that can be collected once players reach the devotion requirement. Weekly Devotion resets at 00:00 every Monday.
  • d) Added devotion quest rewards description.

See my Devotion video for full details:

5) Guild Shop Adjustments

  • a) Raised the daily purchase limit for certain equipment synthesis materials in Guild Shop and Adv. Guild Shop.
  • b) Raised the daily purchase limit of some items in Yellow Crystal Shop.
  • c) Added some items to the Guild Shop.

6) Arena Shop Adjustment

Lowered the Insignia price of some items.

7) Other Optimizations

  • a) Adjusted the stack limit of some items in the Inventory.
  • b) Updated source description in description of some items.
  • c) Adjusted the location of the page icon on top of the screen.
  • d) Optimized RAM lagging.


  • The World Boss changes might invite mixed reactions. Let’s see the exact amounts, but allowing lower BR players to get some earnings is indeed a good thing.
  • The multiplication of NPCs around the city is good from one side that we can access features which are sometimes blocked during sign up period, but on the other hand we have to walk to each NPC which can get frustrating.
  • So what is your first impression – do you like these bunch of “Optimizations” in Wartune Patch 7.8?

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  1. Hope they don’t nerf anything.

  2. We may not have to walk to each NPC in cloud city. Currently if we find what we want to do for devotion in the devotion list or the top left list, And click there it will open the relevant window. Road to glory is the only current awkward one, if we click RtG in top left list it will open the RtG window. Clicking RtG in devo panel takes us to cloud city and then to Elise.

    • oftentimes clicking devotion will make you walk to npcs. I vaguely remember clicking devotion for road to glory made you walk to the npc, while clicking the green button on the left side of screen didn’t make you walk.

  3. Really hoping that is not true about the 10 million reward cap for world boss.

  4. My biggest concern is the new Castle Wars. It stinks that the timing is once per day like Tanks, which I can NEVER do.

    • agreed

  5. quando vai vir essas mudanças.

  6. hope they add items players really need to guild shop and not ones that most players no longer use

  7. They should bring back the old Cloud City. It was beautiful, cosy, and truly felt like a sanctuary away from the world. This CC we have now is too sterile and I don’t enjoy having to traverse it at all. It’s as welcoming as the deck of an aircraft carrier…

  8. whats 10 mill gold gonna do when u need hundreds mills to up astral effects cuz thats only thing can do to up them after 10 and max elevate play for 10 years 20 mill a day

  9. oh on i forgot wartune wants u to buy gold to get anywhere need to fix leveling past 80 and skills bee n getting exp for over year and cant od anything wiht it or skills all max

  10. Can anyone confirm the reward cap?

    • Yes I made the confirmation:
      VIDEO: Wartune Patch 7.8 – New WORLD BOSS Configuration Gameplay Guide

      • you are caped on 10 mio gold/daru per run, and while they changed to the old version where you can do multiple runs, you will get more gold than before

  11. what about Dragonchant Potency, you haven’t mention about that. That also part in Patch 7.8 isn’t it? since Wartune Forum show that part whatever added but I don’t see it here? Just asking just in case I’m not missing out & good information 🙂

    • I have not seen that in the test server, so I think they perhaps made a premature announcement about it.
      – COSMOS

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