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Exchanged 3000 Advanced Henna + Analysis

Hey guys, in Wartune Events 30 May 2016 we again had the opportunity to gather Event Chests and exchange them for Advanced Henna and here I want to share with you my 3000 Advanced Henna exchange with discussion, tips and gain vs. loss calculation.

It is possible even though rather rare

Firstly just a short note to say that this is indeed possible (as some people have commented in the past that it is impossible) and indeed some of the times when they launch this exchange it is completely impossible to collect sufficient chests for free. But sometimes, like this time, it was definitely possible if you also had some savings of items prepared so that you can do all the events up to the maximum tier in each event.

Is this going to be enough?

In short, no, but it does reduce the waiting time from years “without any help”. The free way of getting knighthood still takes many months (if you are active and attentive) or 1-2 years for some people, but we must be honest and recognize that part of it (not all of it) is fair as other players have paid real money for this, so it is natural that the free way must take time (but they certainly grossly overdid it with henna into years which is the ridiculous bit – see our complete henna analysis).

What can free players do?

  1. Be very attentive and plan for events. Have the necessary items ready to do the most important events and focus all your efforts on henna taking losses on all other items.
  2. Activity does count, so if you want to go 100% free or near-free way more activity (doing all daily quests / events) counts.
  3. What ultimately would make the biggest difference is if free players create tickets explaining that they don’t want to wait years to enjoy a game and asking (politely without insults) to put more opportunities to earn henna. Why? Because in most companies tickets get reported in a form of a summary / groupings and when everything is below a certain level of complaints then nothing is done, but if there is a peak in player complaints on a specific issue it shows up as a peak in the charts / graphs and then different decisions might be (not guaranteed!) made, especially if the same topic repeats over and over again.

Analysis: Comparing gain and loss

Here make a calculation for my 360 chests exchange, but some people might manage to exchange more or less so you can adjust in accordance. This is purely for knowledge and understanding, even though many items are lost as a cost for exchanging for henna I would still go for the henna exchange because this is one of the only ways of getting it at present.

So the entire table below is the “package” I lost by exchanging the 360 chests for 3000 henna; i.e. I would have gotten all these items if I had opened the chests. I have used our previous event’s drop rate analysis to calculate this package. And again, knowing this, I would still go for the henna as I need it the most.

Items lost Quantity Total Amount
400k gold 109 43,600,000
Eudaemon Warpath Crystal x4 48 192
Eudaemon RES Reduction Essence x3 55 165
Eudaemon Resistance Essence x4 50 200
Pure Refinement Crystal x4 40 160
Mount Hoof x4 53 212
Clothing Items 6 6
Clothing Shards 127 127

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  1. tats evevnt is every 11days and then 15days so so u can save whips,hoofs and forge if u skip the 1 event cos u have prep events for the other tat event like we did 4 this 1

  2. why only 1 comment? this is an awesome post.

    • Thanks for the appreciation
      – COSMOS

  3. This event I actually could do an adv henna exchange, but just barely. I do notice that they seem to plan the adv henna exchange (120 for 1k adv henna) with events that don’t give enough chests to do an exchange. Maybe with the old event returns free players could have done a lot more adv henna exchanges in the past. I notice that mahra/sep events never coincide with the adv henna exchange (since you can get a fair amount of chests and do 1, maybe 2 exchanges).

    • This is one series of events where you could get enough chests to trade for adv henna compared to how it usually is. Not counting the holy forge event, I got enough to trade for 2k adv henna from the res event and kid res events. And I am a totally free player.

  4. only during mahra & sep event we can hoard alot of chest for adv henna exchange (that is if coincidentally it happens same time)

    almost painful to do 300 Holy forge for me….3000 horses sold XD

  5. sure can get some exchanges with events, but (and thats the point!!) u really need to plan for the fututre and save all the items needed for the events (and save means u have to save the maximum of needed items) and of course the small gold u need (yes its ironic)

    all this calculated it makes it nearly impossible to get the maximum rewards from these events. why ? very easy we all learned in past that whenever something gets in range for free players r2 changes it so it becomes useless.

    examples from past:
    – vip cards from fishing? before masses reach top level = changed (even chaged twice now useless rewards)
    – underground palace mount (dont know any free player who got the mount) of course the shards became totally useless after change, stead of beeing fair and trade them for beast souls

    just a few examples how r2 does change things before the mass can take any profit from it, of course until change the big cashers already got all rewards form these events

    and like in other events they will change rewards soon enough to make them useless for the big mas of palyers

    • Totally agree…..what the reduced rage – I am really struggling now with this”new & advanced “clothing…CA – waste of time other daily events same jewel hunt etc. I am a small player (4.5mill BR) and have been VIP for a while but I got to say it looks pretty forlorn for us non “large” cahsers and free players. I know of at least 10-20 players of decent BR that have quit the game in protetst. Hope they do something about this.

  6. I was only allowed to exchange 1000 adv. henna for 120 chest once, what did I miss?

    • all players can exchange this more than 1 time assuming that you have the event chests for it

  7. I had the chests, and could not. On Kabam server

  8. And before I did first exchange it had a “1” on the exchange. Just like a “10” on the clothchests

    • That’s weird. What I suggest is that you open a ticket and make a complaint that all servers were allowed to exchange multiple times and you were not. Try to convince them to change as they seem to be doing an unfair thing.

  9. Well, they always ask for screenshots and proof, so I find it pointless to send tickets about what happened in past time. And since I took for granted that it was 1 exchange, when I could not exchange more, I opened my chests shortly after. Thanks for the info tho.

  10. I was able to get 4 exchanges (no cashing) this event.

  11. Yes i got only 1 time exchange available too for adv henna.

  12. I have exchanged 4k in this event by doing up to 9lvl crystals(2days) and 11lvl on the 3rd day. Now i know i need to skip 1 or 2 events for crystal synth so i could do all 3 days up to 11lvl synth. Thats first event from many weeks im pleased 😀

  13. thanks much for this tips

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