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Clothing Shards vs Advanced Henna Analysis

Hey guys, every second Wartune event cycle players can actually choose between using their event chests on getting Clothing Shards to exchange for full clothing sets or to use them to exchange for Advanced Henna. In this post I discuss about this choice and give you my recommendation on what is best for your character.

Clothing Shard icon Wartune vs Wartune Tattoo Maximum Capacity

We start with…

Basic Facts & Drop Rate Reference:

The Clothing Shards are obtainable via the Lucky Exchange (example below).

Clothing Shards vs Advanced Henna Lucky Exchange

For drop rate analysis to know how many you should expect please refer to my earlier analysis:

Lucky Exchange Drop Rate Analysis [Clothing Shards]

And Advanced Henna is best obtainable via the 120 chest for 1000 exchange:

Clothing Shards vs Advanced Henna

Clothing Shards vs Advanced Henna Calculations

Now, let’s calculate. In order to be able to make a comparison we need sufficient Clothing Shards to exchange for a set. For this we will use a round number estimate of 40% from chests and since we need 150 of them to exchange for a full clothing set then this will require 375 chests. And for 360 chests (3 x 120) it is possible to make the exchange for 3000 Advanced Henna (3 x 1000). We will ignore the 15 chest difference – it will not make any significant impact on this comparison.

So this boils down to:

375 chests for 1 full S Grade clothing set versus 360 chests for 3000 Advanced Henna

Note: In some cycles the Henna exchange finishes faster not allowing sufficient time to gather many chests. However, last month for example we had plenty of time to gather.

Calc: what exactly we get from 1 clothing set:

  • Estimated 11 clothing items from drops
  • 3 clothing items from exchange
  • 1 wing from exchange
  • 1 clothing related title giving +8000 HP and +2000 MDEF and PDEF
  • Let’s even assume that you have tons of Fashion Cores and managed to refine all items to the max, which gives you another +400 Attack, +100 Defense and +100 Endurance

TOTAL: +400 Attack +2400 MDEF +2400 PDEF +10,000 HP + items for clothing engulf + other items from drops like Eudaemon items / Gold

Calc: what exactly we get from Adv. Henna:

  • Minimum +21 Attribute (e.g. Strength or Intelligence) per 100 cost click
  • Maximum depends on how high/low you are, on my lowest I see +35 but if memory serves me well it goes up to +38. Anyhow we will not use maximum for this calc.
  • We also get additional stats coming from Tattoo Engraving which is a percentage applied on top of whatever we gain.
  • Engraving during Hot Event following our analysis will give at least 30% Henna extra (actually more).

So we need to make 2 assumptions to calculate: (1) How much per click and (2) Engraving buff %. Let’s be very conservative and pick low numbers.

  1. +24 per click
  2. 70% buff

With this we get…

  • TOTAL Step 1: (3000 Adv. Henna + 900 return from event) / 100 = 39 clicks
  • TOTAL Step 2: 39 clicks x 24 = +936 to Attribute = +3744 Attack
  • TOTAL FINAL: +3744 x 70% buff = +6364 Attack


Clothing Shard icon Wartune
(from 375 chests)
Wartune Tattoo Maximum Capacity
(from 360 chests)
TOTAL: +400 Attack +2400 MDEF +2400 PDEF +10,000 HP + items for clothing engulf + other items from drops like Eudaemon items / Gold TOTAL FINAL: +6364 Attack

Of course both things increase Battle Rating and make your character stronger, but investing in Offense strongly like this will allow you to dish out significantly more damage which means more income from Dragon Invasion, World Boss and anything else where damage output is important.

The defensive boost from the clothing set will especially benefit younger accounts allowing them to survive in dungeons and dimensions. However, once you are able to gather sufficient chests (minimum 120) to start exchanging for the 1000 Advanced Henna I recommend that you do so and “abandon” clothing completely (until you max out your Tattoos).

Another optimization tip for Tattoos in Wartune is to first try to use Regular Henna up to the 2000 points (or at least 1500) and only then power up with Advanced Henna.
Event efficiency tip: make sure you use your Adv. Henna during the appropriate events and study our analysis article to make sure you follow the best Scenario for you.

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Matched Links from DolyGames Sites / Google


  1. Ty Dolygames!awesome work

    • Thank you 🙂

  2. Another strategy would be alternating between lucky exchanging for clothing shards and exchanging for advanced henna.

    Personally, I have only exchanged for adv henna when exchanges are favorable (ie when I can collect material to holy forge in bulk and when the exchange is held during the second “half” of the Wartune event week).

    One thing to take into consideration in choosing between clothing shards and advanced henna is once the clothing sets leave the clothing shard exchange, they return either as a casher item in the hot shop or through clothing box. For free players or coiners, it may not be feasible to purchase clothing sets through these means. Because of the time limitation, I usually recommend exchanging clothing sets towards the bottom of the exchange list (newer clothing sets are usually presented towards the top of the list).

  3. Only problem with this is that we dont get to exchange for adv. henna when its mahra and sepulcrum event(when we can get most chests). Only problem with this is that
    we dont get to exchange for adv. henna when its mahra and sepulcrum event(when we can get most chests).
    But, as always, thanks for great work 🙂

    • – last shard cycle i managed to gather 500+ chests in time for the exchange and this month the window was shorter i managed to gather 245 which was enough for 2 exchanges
      – i will try to write another article giving further tips on this but it is very much possible
      thanks 🙂

  4. You also have to take in account long run game. Ofc in short term adv henna is better..but say 1 year (just tossing that out, no calcualtions on how long it would take) from now when you have maxed tattoos. You have lost tons of clothing sets which you might not be able to ever recover which results to “missing BR”. Whereas tattoos aint going anywhere and you have more time to build them.

    • i like that 🙂

    • normally any such “missing BR” would be greatly offset by all the extra income generated from a massive increase in Attack

  5. Your base your count on 3000 adv henna but best rewards is 5000 for adv henna. And if you open chest for cothing shard you can have 4 full set a month. and during beast soul chest you can buy adv henna a bit more expensive ( 400 adv henna for 80 Chest ) i know av henna cost more like this but for me full set of clothing is important.

    Ony my opinion =o)

    • Hi, you are a little bit confusing things with “best rewards is 5000 for adv henna”
      the exchange is 120 chests for 1000 and you can do 1 or whatever other amount
      this article does not at all cover the efficient use of advanced henna (which is not 5000) but i referred several times to our relevant analysis article for that: //

      the ONLY reason 3000 level is used is because it is a comparable comparison point with 1 clothing set
      I could also use 6000 level and compare with 2 sets or 9000 level and compare with 3 sets

      If you are claiming that you can have 4 sets that means you could have had 12,000 advanced henna instead of that which is what this article is trying to address – the choice between those 2

      Other than those clarifications, thanks for sharing opinion, i personally do not pay the very high price via the beast soul which you do, I convert those chests into beast souls via recycle to get more mounts as i don’t have all of them in the Mount Shop

      – Cosmos

      • Sorry, you true i didn t understand the comparaison in 1 full set for 3000 avd henna =o(

        Ty to tell me the mistake =o)

        And for your work in general =o)

        Have a nice day/night =o)

  6. Moderate cashers upwards should probably just get the clothing shards. It really does not take very long to max tattoos if you time your recharges and expenditure right. I recharge about $200 dollars a month and maxed out tattoos in December.

  7. The premise for this comparrisment is flawed. For this week’s events anyway.

    Only big cashers can do the henna option, because the adv henna exchange is only first 3 days here.

    When the adv henna is available after 3 days. Ofc adv. henna all the way for the players that still need better tattoos.
    That’s only once per month, the set of events wich includes crystal synthesis, and its the only option for a low casher/ free player to get good amounts of adv. henna. So its a no brainer to take adv. henna first if needed.

    OFC 120 chests for 1k is better than 20 chests for 100. But again, the free player can only get 3k per month, the extra 200/400 for 20 chests for 100 henna is also worth taking.

    • your information is false – i exchanged 2000 Advanced Henna in this event cycle 100% free
      if you are not planning properly and are unable to accumulate sufficient chests this does not make my analysis flawed

      to help people like you, we are planning to create an article giving planning tips so stay tuned, we will do as soon as we can, we work as much as we are able to


      • i dont doubt you, but you must have done adv henna event, have gems stacks for gem master rewards or done huge amounts of holy forge.

        When I still needed adv henna I saved all my holy forge for the cycle that includes crystal synthesis, and usually got 4k that way.

        And I was collecting every single 20 chests for 100 adv henna. Because of the scarcity of possible adv. henna trades.

        These trades with adv. henna first 3 days arn’t readily exchangeable for low casher like myself.

        But agree it’s possible. I have maxed tattoos allready


      • well. The new event was a pleasant curveball I’d say clothing shards now 100% and spending all crystals on smelt stones

      • it’s not that simple, we still need to gather sufficient chests and even if we can do, let’s say 3, exchanges that totally does not change the situation as we need a lot more than that

      • can’t reply. With the 50 chests for 1k adv. henna, this is how all adv. henna should be gathered.
        Of course we still don’t know if this is a 1 off or a repeat. But if it’s repeat, then defo clothing shards in the previous cycle, adv. henna / engraving stones in current cycle.

  8. the 45% rate for clothing shards to chests is way off. One third to one forth is a lot closer to reality. 320 shards from 1079 chests for me so statistically significant. And that approximates closely what I’ve seen in previous exchanges too. So that 600 from 1600 chests you mentioned in the other article is awfully lucky as far as I can tell. ….

    • Firstly 45% is not written anywhere in the entire article, so your first claim is immediately false.

      Regarding your 2nd point this can be correct. If your study was done accurately as mine then we have a range between your 29.6% and my 40.6%. However we both can agree than for sure it will not be more than the 40%. This means that since the comparison I did in this article was using the 40% drop, that if we would lower this to 35% or 30% then this makes the case of picking clothing shards even worse. This further confirms my recommendation to everyone to choose Advanced Henna.


      • In this article you round to 40% see above and you also link to the other original article // stating 40%. 45% is a typo I give you that but my analysis was accurate so please cut on the ” false” part. The decision on shards vs henna is many sided as was accurately pointed by other comments. Even if you still need henna for ratios you cannot ignore the clothing for too long. Given that a regular player can get easily close to 1k chests in the sep/ adv sep / mahra/ whips/ hooves events my suggestion would be to get first your 300 clothing shards for the exchange that follows right after and then everything else towards adv henna. Ofc if you have some shards already you can open fewer. Or if you need syplh mats you open none. But there is no fast fits all answer….

        Your blog is very helpful but sometimes you get defensive for no reason Cosmo… Get a beer brother and it will get a lot better:) Cheers

    • I think you are in part right.

      When I only open a few chests, do 1 at the time, the crop rate seems to be like 70%

      But when I open 100’s its suprisingly low. 40% seems accurate.

      Drop rate has gone down alot since earlier. Earlier could easily get 500 shards per clothing event.

      Doesn’t help that the price to exchange clothing shards for outfits keeps going up

      • low sample = anything can happen
        high sample = truth becomes clear
        that does not mean that opening 1 by 1 gives more chances

  9. This cycle there are a ton of chests and no adv henna (1k exchange) so this is the time to get clothing shards. When possible, go for adv henna, but in exchanges like the one still going on, then go for clothing shards.

  10. I have follow the more attack way since i find your blog, and right now personally i think is better (for me) to get the defense stuff, mainly cause i have over a million PATK now and only 860k PDEF/670k MDEF.An ofc with that 1m+ PATK i do really well on those things you mention (DI, WB, etc) but in a pvp situation i get hit really hard too because my lack of defenses. So i think that:
    Yes you should focus on improving your dps but once you get to a certain point maybe the best thing is to refocus on defenses cause doesnt matter if i get another million on PATK those bosses will still die as fast as they do now (1 hit).
    And well also now im thinking on using those things to get the materials to refine a loki to odin (15k bb more to fuse it + bb to get proper skills). si im doing none of them right now :p

  11. this is good info but i ave 1 question

    have you done the anylist from other providers e.g kabam armorgames so we can see which provider of wartune is the best lol

    cuz sometimes i feel r2 and kong get better drop rates than kabam and armorgames

    • no, i have never seen such an analysis
      theoretically you can be correct that some companies might choose to set different levels but I would say across different Wartune versions
      while inside the same version of Wartune that is very dangerous and not realistic
      – Cosmos

  12. Clothing is better, imo.

  13. Can get up to 6k adv henna every time the exchange is on (free player)

    • Thanks for sharing / confirming.

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