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Henna Reward Analysis of Dimensional Exchange Event (Apr’16)

Hey guys, in this post we present to you analysis and recommendations regarding Henna rewards in the Dimensional Exchange Event launched 22nd April 2016. This post can help you decide if you should exchange your event chests or not.

[Only Henna] Dimensional Exchange

In the table below I removed all other rewards focusing solely on Henna. For the complete table please see Wartune Events 22 Apr 2016.


  • Regular Henna = 1-10 stat increase (diminishing amounts as you go up!) + Max 2000
  • Advanced Henna = 21-40 stat increase (diminishing amounts as you go up!)
  • so Advanced Henna is 4-21 times more valuable or 100 Adv.Henna > 400-2000 regular Henna.
# of Event Chests to pay Henna rewards Henna per Chest
Hammer x15
a.k.a. Code Chest x1.5
100x henna 66.6 regular
Hammer x30
a.k.a. Code Chest x3
200x henna 66.6 regular
Hammer x100
a.k.a. Code Chest x10
700x henna 70 regular
a.k.a. Code Chest x30 2500x henna 83.3 regular
Code Chest x20 50x advanced henna 2.5 advanced
Code Chest x50 100x advanced henna 2 advanced
Code Chest x150 200x advanced henna 1.33 advanced
Code Chest x300 300x advanced henna 1 advanced

Advanced Henna Previous Exchanges

How does this compare with previous exchanges? Well, in previous exchanges we could, given the opportunity, exchange 120 event chests for 1000 Advanced Henna. If we compare this with the best option in this analysis (2.5 per chest), then for 120 event chests the current exchange would give only 300 Advanced Henna compared to the 1000 of previous, which is a lot less.

Conclusion & Recommendations

It is great to see that they updated an old event which was always having same old useless rewards with an additional useful item. However, the rewards mostly remain uninteresting with 2 exceptions:

  • Exception 1: players who have no or low tattoos at all or much lower than 2000 should consider the 2500 regular henna exchange as that option is not bad, but careful to do bit by bit especially if you have many event chests.
  • Exception 2: high BR and/or long time playing players who already have everything the event chest has might as well take a useful item (adv.henna – the green 2.5 option) instead of adding more “trash” to the bag.

That said, there are still 5-6 days left until the end of the event cycle and there could be a more interesting exchange installed in that time, so it will be up to the players if they want to risk using the chests now or not. Also remember that since the reduction of Beast Soul income due to Fishing nerfing in Patch 5.6 getting more beast souls from chests is good if you still have a lot of mounts to buy in the Mount Shop.

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  1. on what servers you have adv henna echange? on R2games east coast there isnt one ….

  2. Thanks!

    • 🙂

  3. nice work dolygames

    • thank you 🙂

  4. You’re right, I think 30 Chest = 2500 henna it’s good for ppl with low tatoo , ty for analysis

    • tyvm 😛

  5. 2000 value in total of all tattoo or for 1 stat ?
    with average of 3 stat+ per 100 its tons of henna to get there for normal players (60k+ henna to get there with +-3 per try)

    • hope this is not “new adv henna event”, if 120boxes for 1k adv henna will be removed, another wave of free players would quit.

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