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Wartune Patch 7.5 Henna Lab REFERENCE

Hey everyone! In this article I present the yields of the new Wartune Patch 7.5 Henna Lab. If you have additional data, feedback or corrections kindly post in the comment section.

In Patch 7.5 the Henna Lab was updated to a different yield system. It is not possible anymore to build or dismantle labs. It is also not possible to choose the size / timing. Everyone’s labs are automatically built and generate henna which can be harvested every 3 hours. The maximum level is not known at present. Advanced Henna chance has also been added as shown on the table below:

TABLE: Patch 7.5 Henna Lab

Note: Although it does not say so exactly in the headings the lower levels do produce Advanced Henna (see pictures below), so the “Chance to produce 1 extra Henna” is possibly a smelling mistake by the devs which should be chance for Advanced Henna.

Level EXP to next level Henna Production /hr Advanced Henna Production /hr Chance to produce 1 extra Henna
Level 1 15 2 0 0
Level 2 20 4 0 0
Level 3 25 6 0 25%
Level 4 40 8 0 40%
Level 5 100 10 0 50%
Level 6 150 12 0 65%
Level 7 200 14 0 80%
Level 8 200 16 0 90%
Level 9 200 18 0 100%
Level 10 250 20 1 20% for 1 extra Advanced Henna

Maximum Level = 10

Max level of Henna Lab has been confirmed to be level 10:

Screenshots and Pictures

Here are examples of various harvesting. Each picture is from 1 lab and the Advanced Henna amount varies according to the production chance.

This is an example yield from 1 full harvest.

And here is an example from a higher level:

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Matched Links from DolyGames Sites / Google


  1. It took me a while to figure out that you need to raid to increase level. I don’t like attacking lower level players.

    • true, many don’t like to do that, but this is the system they created – i think it’s bad game design
      anyways, just go ahead and do it and reach the max and stop doing that afterwords
      – COSMOS

    • personnaly, I like to attack those mage who have PATK astral or player with Venus using PATK divinity soul; feel like they deserve to get attacked :3

      • lol

  2. lvl7 is 80%
    lvl8 is 90%
    Chance to get adv henna

    • added thanks

      • from lvl6 to 7 need 150 exp
        from lvl7 to 8 need 200 exp
        production of lvl7/8 is 14/16 (not estimate)

      • thank you, added

  3. Some more information Cosmos:
    1. Dimensions depletion rate has been modified. Intermediate dimensions last for just 2 days instead of 3.
    2. Now Sub eudaemon general skills also give us bonus. Previously this wasn’t possible.
    Hope this information is useful.

    • yes, very useful, thanks 🙂

    • I didnt fully understand what you meant on sub eudaemon skills bonus ?

      • Previously the general skill of Sub eudaemon such as fury master didn’t work. Only the main eudaemon’s general skills gave us bonus. Now sub eudaemon general skills also give us the benefits.

      • So it doubles up with the main euda, or the highest one takes affect?

      • Your Max rage is increased and awakening points deduction rate gets reduced.But this extra benefit only comes when you could use the sub eudaemon.

  4. Lv 10 is max

    • thanks, added

    • rewards?

  5. 8 to 9 is 200
    9 to 10 is 250
    Hope that helped!

    • thanks for sharing

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