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Advanced Henna Event Analysis (Apr’16)

Hey guys, in this analysis post we are going to look into the most efficient henna usage for the Advanced Henna Event which was part of our “Tomorrow’s Events” published today for the 4th of April 2016 (check it out here if you haven’t seen it).

Since the removal of the unlimited usage events, Advanced Henna event, which is mostly* a casher event has been a little bit enhanced by adding a second “one time per event” range of rewards and below we look at the cumulative returns in various combinations.

(*note: the reason i said mostly is because free players can, over time, accumulate adv. henna via exchanges.)

Scenario 1: 10/10/10 = 30

Scenario 1 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 One Time Reward TOTAL Return %
Adv. Henna Cleanses 10 10 10 30 30
Adv. Henna returned 100 100 100 0 300 10.0%

Scenario 1b: 10/10/30 = 50

Scenario 1b Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 One Time Reward TOTAL Return %
Adv. Henna Cleanses 10 10 30 50 50
Adv. Henna returned 100 100 400 400 1000 20.0%

Scenario 2: 30/30/30 = 90

Scenario 2 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 One Time Reward TOTAL Return %
Adv. Henna Cleanses 30 30 30 90 90
Adv. Henna returned 400 400 400 1200 2400 26.7%

Scenario 3: 50/50/50 = 150

Scenario 3 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 One Time Reward TOTAL Return %
Adv. Henna Cleanses 50 50 50 150 150
Adv. Henna returned 900 900 900 2700 5400 36.0%

Scenario 4: 100/100/100 = 300

Scenario 4 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 One Time Reward TOTAL Return %
Adv. Henna Cleanses 100 100 100 300 300
Adv. Henna returned 1900 1900 1900 5700 11400 38.0%

Update: 2 additional Scenarios

Scenario 5: 50/30/0 = 80

Scenario 2 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 One Time Reward TOTAL Return %
Adv. Henna Cleanses 50 30 0 80 80
Adv. Henna returned 900 400 0 1200 2500 31.25%

Scenario 6: 100/50/0 = 150

Scenario 2 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 One Time Reward TOTAL Return %
Adv. Henna Cleanses 100 50 0 150 150
Adv. Henna returned 1900 900 0 2700 5500 36.7%

Results Chart 1-4

As we can see from the various Scenario results you can reach a maximum return of 38.0%, which is a nice amount compared to a general rate of 20% to 25% in various “return” events, and if you do want to participate in this event then you can reach the maximum return by using Scenario 4 (100 x 3 cleanses = 30,000 adv. henna but you get 11400 or 114 cleanses returned).

Post Corrected

Thanks to “Anonymous” for feedback following which I corrected this post. Sorry for the original mistake in the calculation.


  • Are you going to participate in this event?
  • Do you think they will bring back the unlimited events?

Post your thoughts on your expectation about these Wartune events in the comments below.

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  1. In order to do scenario 3, 50 cleanses per day, you’ll need atleast 12800 adv. henna.

    Also the one time reward for scenario 3 will be 1500+800+400=2700 which makes the total reward 4200

    For scenario 4 the one time reward is 5700 and the total reward 8700

    • Thank you very much. Due to your input I corrected my original calculation mistakes and updated the post writing thanks to you. I rushed the work and that’s why made the formula mistake πŸ™
      Thanks again.

  2. imposible for free players to exchange chest for adv henna 1 simple reason..they r not giving enough chest. It might be different if they change event ;for example, put mahra and sepulcrum event same days than advanced henna event.(sorry my english)

    • Yes i know it is difficult, I am in the same boat, but it is not impossible and the amount varies each month from 1000 up to I would say 4000 (but some people reported being able to do 8000)

    • I have not been able to trade for adv henna for the past few times they had the exchange and I am a long time active player but a free player now. If they didn’t do away with the unlimited events, it would not be so bad. For example, I have not been able to make 1 level 11 res crystal this event and I do dims. It’s funny, the last henna exchange they had, I didn’t have enough but the very next day, had loads of boxes from sylph upgrade events.

      They know what they are doing, they don’t want free players being able to exchange for adv henna.

      • not only adv henna events, also they block all chances to upgrade eudamon equip (wich actually gives biggest boosts) today our grp got killed 3 times in titan war just from single players afk only by eudamon.

        so when they dont want free players to be part of game why not set all to a minimum of “vip” status ?

  3. Umm… this isn’t accurate.

    As an example:

    Scenario 2: Cleanse 30x each day and the 90 Cleanse for the One Time return set are accurate. Everything else isn’t.

    Non of your Advanced Henna Returned fields account for lower levels of return. 30 cleanses returns 100 (for doing 10 cleanse) and then 300 more for when you reach 30. This is 400 total Advanced Henna returned each day. This error is repeated in the one time cleanse returns which should be 400 and 800 returned for 1200 total. The TOTAL returned in this situation is 2400 Advanced Henna.

    The TOTAL for the number of cleanse achieved should not be any different than the total for the One Time Return field. Each cleanse takes 100 Advanced Henna to do making this scenario cost 9000 Advanced Henna (not accounting for any of the rewards being used for extra cleansing).

    2400 returned for 9000 spent is a return of 26.66%

    • Ok part of this was fixed before I finished. So my post isn’t accurate now either.

    • Hi Rat could you please refresh the page, I have updated the article from my original calculation mistake. Thanks.

      • I noticed. You’re daily returns still need a tweak and your set. πŸ™‚

        Thanks for doing the work.

  4. Hi peeps I got 4k intellect and 2k endurance from last event so with luck I hope to get 4k more intellect and 2k Def but I think eli say the higher ur tattoo the less advancement u get

  5. Sorry I didn’t get it 50 times gives 1300 henna from 2 events for day 1, therefore for 3 days u get 3900 henna. Please tell me I am right or wrong ???

    • if you do 50 times in 1 day you get 500 + 300 + 100 which is 900 from the daily event. If you do this 3 days then you have 2700 from the daily event only.
      Then you also get from the one time event 1500 + 800 + 400 = 2700.
      So 2700 + 2700 = 5400 which you see in the Total reward in the Scenario 3

  6. I believe 50-30-0 would be more efficient than 30-30-30 for the event

    • u mean day 1 50 day 2 30 day 3 0 ?

    • That’s an interesting Scenario, i calculated it you would get:

      from Daily Day 1: from 50 – 900
      from Daily Day 2: from 30 – 400
      from Daily Day 3: from 0 – 0
      Total from Daily = 1300

      from One-Time: from 40 – 400
      from One-Time: from 80 – 800
      Total from One-time = 1200

      Total All = 1300 + 1200 = 2500
      divided by 8000 = 31.3%

      so not the best return but pretty decent for a lower (80 cleanses) henna usage

      • Elia why you are telling 900 ??? there are 2 events tattoo 1 & 2, if we do 50 times cleanses we get 1300 adv henna in return, is it not ?

        Day 2 30 times is correct 400 henna in return

      • Hi Abhirup, please read correctly the comment. It clearly states both rewards from Daily event (event #1) and rewards from One-Time event (event #2).

        It shows the total under each as well as the Total All.

        P.S. This is Cosmos not Elia πŸ™‚

      • ok i will check thanks cosmos πŸ™‚

  7. Make numbers right. First one time reward is 40 cleanses so first scenario not working.

    • and that’s why it is written “zero” in the return for 30 cleanses; what is not right according to you?

      • Still missing 40 cleanses one time reward thing which should be sweet spot for non cashers.

        Really odd scenarios.

      • we are not missing anything; the analysis is absolutely correct

  8. Hi I mention yesterday I wished to make knighthood. Well I did it cost me 7k balens plus the 3k advanced henna I had so the total cost was around 15k balens hope this helps

  9. I am sorry, can i just state that writing down things as it is does NOT help to make ppl understand what is the gain or loss all about??

    Can t you just calculate everything IN (adv) TATOOS ??!? cause that what we look for anyways πŸ™‚

    Your table is as “unclear” as much as Wartune itself is…!!

    Calculating resources/rewards I think its part of our/urs job….why not doing it??

    PS: i wish i could have made that math by myself, but since I cant copy n paste re-writing the article or posting a revised caluculation is much harder…..

  10. Can i just say i recharged $100 during event and brought chests to exchange in the event. With the daily hot event rewards and the spenders events and chest exchange, I ended up with 25k adv henna.

    Work well when 2 x big spenders and 1 x epic spender and recharge rewards all netting big chests ammounts … so for $100 over half the adv henna was got for class advance.

  11. i’ve understood exactly 0. what i should do?

  12. u forget in scenario 4 will get 151 event chest too, it mean more 1000 adv henna.

  13. only cashers have knighthood…
    If u a free player forget it…
    Maybe in 2020 free players can get it… lol

    • I think to some point even the free player might have to spend some money, I’m a free player with VIP only but this gap between knighthood is getting too wide, so I think spending a $100 to get knighthood isn’t too bad. I just need to know how to go about it to get maximum result. Would be happy is cosmos can build a strategy plan for me, thank you in advance and I do appreciate your wartime blog, would be lost w/o yall

  14. For Max return you need 22600 adv henna in inventory before you start. With those you use 10k per day and max the event, After you done on 3rd day you’l have an extra 4k adv henna for next event. -kingh s151

    • Almost forgot, Ty Doly Games! Big fan!

      • Thanks buddy

  15. Hi Cosmos. can u include in article analysis for 50-30-0 and 100-50-0 scenarios?

    • Added. Thanks. Looks better to have those 2 added.

  16. 0-10-30 is a good option too

  17. Hi, thanks for good info. You could include information how much adv henna you need before event to do each scenario, it would help, I only know you need 11600 to do scenario 3.

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