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Soul Collection Chest Drop Rate Analysis

Hey guys, here I share with you my small report on Soul Collection Chest drop rates based on 323 chests’ data.

This chest holds 2 groups of rewards. Group 1 is with a chance between whips, luck stones and bound balens and Group 2 are guaranteed drops from every single chest of gold, daru and kyanite.

Chance Drops:

  • Mount Training Whip x10
  • Level 4 Luck Stone x2
  • Bound Balens x5


  • Gold x150,000
  • Daru x50,000
  • Kyanite x10,000

Soul Collection Chest Drop Rate Findings

Based on my below report we can see that more than half of the time (55.7%) it will give 10 x Mount Training Whip. Then, around 1/4th (quarter) of the time it will drop luck stones and almost 1 in 5 chests will give bound balens.

The only “useless” item here I believe are the luck stones while both whips and balens are welcome by nearly everyone. The guaranteed drops do add up as well. Because of these 2 reasons I conclude that this is a very good little chest and a nice little addition to Wartune’s Guild events. What do you guys think?

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  1. Had to get to the bottom paragraph to know what this even was, LOL.

    There is so much lag with so many people chasing little lights, many of us have quit going to guild chamber events. Was fun for about a week.

    • in my guild we have between 5 and 10 people in this event daily
      – Cosmos

  2. I think when it first started my guild all joined in. Now, like 6 do it, even though 20+ are in the chamber. Rewards aren’t bad, but it’s a grind to do it every day to get a few bb.

  3. could add info also on collect the sould during the tree?

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