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Hammer Chest Drop Rate Report

Hey guys, here I share with you the report/analysis I made on the drop rates of the Hammer Chest (Wartune event chest May 2016). Such study helps us understand what kind of numbers / percentages the Wartune Team is using when designing boxes and helps us to make better decisions regarding opening or trading chests. If you want to help with these reports feel free to email properly collected data to me (Cosmos); I can prepare reports once I collect a certain minimum amount. Ok, let’s look at the results of the Hammer Chest:

[Hammer Chest icon]

In total I have collected data of 1419 chests, which is pretty solid, so the accuracy can be judged to be rather good (of course always the more the better, but this time I did not get any help).

Main Hammer Chest Drops

Chest Item Quantity % Comment
400k gold 429 30.2% About 1/3rd of all chests will give gold.
Eudaemon Warpath Crystal x4 189 13.3% Almost half of chests will give a Eudaemon item.
Eudaemon RES Reduction Essence x3 216 15.2%
Eudaemon Resistance Essence x4 199 14.0%
Pure Refinement Crystal x4 157 11.1% This item is no longer needed after upgrading to red artifact/halidom.
Mount Hoof x4 207 14.6% This item is useless for most level 80 players.
Juggler Hat x1 10 0.7% Roughly 2 out of 100 chests will give a random clothing item.
Juggler Weapon x1 5 0.4%
Juggler Armor x1 7 0.5%
TOTAL 1419 100.0%

Additional Drops

Chest Item Quantity % Comment
Clothing Shard x1 437 30.8% About 1/3rd of all chests will give an additional 1 clothing shard.
Clothing Shard x2 12 0.8% Somewhat rare. Roughly 1 out of 100 chests.
Clothing Shard x10 1 0.1% Very rare. Roughly 1 in a thousand chests.
TOTAL 450 31.7%

Some Wartune players have been complaining that the chest is not giving additional rewards, but that is just poor understanding of the game. Indeed one or few chests might only give rewards from the “Main” list, but about 1/3rd of the time you will also get an additional reward of clothing shards. To prove this I show you the screenshots below:

Juggler Title

For this clothing set you can get the title without wings, which is great for many free players.

Here the Royal Juggler Title stats (+1000 MDEF/PDEF and +4000 HP):

Here is me wearing the set + title:

And here the set + my current BR:

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  1. 470
    cs 177
    red 207 3 69
    warpath 224 4 56
    res ess 284 4 71
    hoof 324 4 81
    refine 152 4 38
    clothes 5
    gold 60kk 150

    those r my drops if u understand any thing xD

    • if i would write like that there would be no visitors on this website 🙂
      compared to my report you got a bit more hoofs but a bit less less Pure Refinement Crystal; otherwise is similar
      but you did not accurately write down the clothing shards, so it is impossible to say if you got any of the rare drops, but I think you did because right now yours stand at 37.7% so probably at least 4-5 times you got 2 shards, perhaps once 10 shards

      • Lol Sorry 😛

        i had 2*10 cs from those idk how many 2 shards i got

        from the same event
        cs 37
        red 8
        warpath 13
        res ess 7
        hoof 11
        refine 9
        clothes 0
        gold 42

        other event

        cs 190 no 10 cs
        red 83
        warpath 71
        res ess 75
        hoof 85
        refine 57
        clothes 4
        gold 157

        i prefer if they changed the hoofs for whips or add exchange event to that

        tyvm <3

  2. hey Cosmos why did you remove the shop from DolyGames central website? 🙁

    • Was forced into it, ’cause the world is not fair. Now trying our best to get some earnings from Patrons. Luckily about 50 players are supporting us and hopefully more will join in.

  3. I had to open 536 chest because I forgot to exchange it (fell asleep). I got 5 weapons and 1 armor, and 170ish clothing shard 🙁

  4. 1297 chests
    4 hat
    5 weapons,
    995 warpath ,
    700 res essence
    510 res red ess,
    484 pure reefine
    980 hoofes
    430 clothes shards
    and around 250m gold

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