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Cross-Server Event Teasers

Hey guys, as you know the Wartune team announced that “Several cross-server events including Class Wars, Titan War and Chaos War will occur for the last time. New events are soon to come!”. At present we can only release teaser screenshots for the upcoming Wartune Patch in DEC 2016, so here are some teasers for Cross-Server Events. The official launch date for all servers is Dec 8th and we will release full detailed guides on Dec 1st which is our permitted date for publishing.

Old Icons

New Icons

Imperial War Teaser

Athena’s War Teaser

Ares War Teaser

Other Teasers

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  1. a thing we are sure. more things they add (expecially for play in party and with a time) and more players and cashers they will lose.

  2. These “new” events sound exactly like the other events, just with a new name and slightly different features. Imperial War sounds like CSGB, but hopefully it’s a lot better (at least, the rewards can’t be worse. Can they?). Ares War sounds like Class Wars, and Athena is Titan Wars. Although Athena sounds like the team is set for multiple sessions, which could be problematic for a lot of teams. Not all players are available everytime. I just hope the rewards are drastically increased.

    • it realy proves the devs cant realy imagine anything new

      all they did was change names of events new icons new graphics and prob same old rewards

      think of something new i say new something u thought up not think hey players are thick we just change names etc they wouldnt know they will still cash

  3. The new events do sound similar to the old but what can they really do, not a lot of choices for competitive monthly events really.

  4. Here is screens form Ares shop from Russian version.

    Most important thing – no truncheons. Maybe other shops will have them, but I’m not sure. My guess – truncheons will be available from other place.

  5. well, I never understood why tey don’t make something where top 5 from each class would fight different class? If you are knight you would have 5 battles with mages and 5 battles with archers. After that you’ll get the results so knight who is ranked at 5th place will battle archer who is in 5th place and mage who is in the 5th place, maon event would ofc be fight between players on 1st places

  6. Its a new gimmick, by the way R2 is now on ban patrol for any shared accounts. They are tracking player logins. Theres supposedly a snitch/R2 admin playing on Kabam server.

  7. What I don’t get is how do they expect people to play when they can’t even resolve all the bugs xserver presently have?

    Don’t expect too much from R2, They don’t have enough intelligence to clean up the whole game program, they only blame OUR computers when it’s a computer issue if the GAME itself affects so many.

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