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Magic Square Teaser

Hey guys, at present we can only release teaser screenshots for the upcoming Wartune Patch in DEC 2016, so here are some teasers for Wartune’s Magic Square. The official launch date for all servers is Dec 8th and we will release full detailed guides on Dec 1st which is our permitted date for publishing.

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  1. Any idea what the rewards are for this?

  2. omg more mini fights?i dont like it

  3. Mmm…where did ToK went?

    • From what I understand, this is replacing TOK

      • at least they remove a weekly event but this new seem horrible. we’ll see. but tok is usefull for the new players.

      • Really it all depends on what the rewards are from this and the how the gameplay is before we can say if it is bad or good.

      • Useful for new players, really? Lollllllll

      • tok is not useful for new players, even on easy its hard as all get out

      • That would be awesome if ToK is replaced by this square-thingy. 😀

        I hate ToK, it is hard, you need to do it every day and the rewards suck. And when you are a low BR player it sucks even more because the chance of getting reward is reduced to nothing when you don’t get to find a strong player who want to help. 😛

        I don’t care how bad the square-thingy is, worser than ToK is impossible. 😀

      • TOK is once a week now and would not say the rewards suck. TOK is a good source of whips. It really helps to have 1 or 2 strong knighted archers to beat TOK NM. One reason it is so hard now is our kids can’t survive long enough to cast one skill, especially if there is an archer in TOK.

      • Boo hiss

  4. i want any accunt for wartune i lost my accunt

  5. This event looks like it’ll take a long, long time to complete (a lot longer than tok)… And I’m sure the rewards will be LESS that what you get for TOK. TOK is a great source for whips, which allows us to do the whip training events easy enough. I’m guessing that the new event WON’T have whips to make it harder for players to get event boxes. Call it a hunch… and 3 years of wartune experience. I hope I’m dead wrong. I really do. Maybe this will be the new source for truncheons.

  6. What would be helpful , would be update rewards in Dimensions ! We do not need reg marha or spectrum when all we have is adv sylphs . Put gold in backpack instead of running with lag and we miss it !These would be very helpful instead of adding more time consuming things .I do not live on wartune , so if we are not on we dont get rewards . Stop add bs and good things to make play better and less about just for deep purses.

  7. Instead of fixing ToK, they’re just getting rid of it? Good riddance, lol.

    Hopefully this new thing still gives whips.

    • Fixing? There is nothing wrong with tok

  8. Seems almost like the picking eggs in BI but with mobs.

    given their latest efforts which seem to have gone for a dive off a cliff never mind downhill. we can only hope they actually figure out rewards. not holding much hope myself.

  9. I’d really like to know how players are supposed to get ToK mounts and/or if they intend to let us use the mount souls we currently have for anything or pull their same BS by just ignoring them until we get sick of holding onto them… I mean, it’s taken well over a year to get a nice stash but I’m still nowhere close to the mount.

    Once again we’ll be subject to their incompetence in cleaning up the messes they create.

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