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Rave Event’s Server Rewards Requirement

Hey everyone! In this short post I answer the concern of some Wartune players complaining about not receiving Rave event’s final guild and server rewards.

The answer is very simple: if you have not spent at least 1000 individual points then you are not eligible for the final cross server and guild rewards.

If you open a ticket asking for them then most likely the game support will request screenshot proof of you having 1000 individual points. So don’t bother if you have not qualified.

Here are examples of rewards from the last Rave Event cycle:

Server Rave Ranking Reward Screenshot

Rave Cross Server Rewards 1

Cross Server Guild Rave Ranking Reward Screenshot

This one is good since Smelting Stones have a solid impact on increasing Battle Rating. Here 100 of them for rank #6.

Rave Cross Server Rewards 2

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  1. i didn’t know there was final rewards
    how to increase individual points ? does fun coin work ?

    • 100 fun coins = 1000 points

  2. saving the fun coins for better rewards…

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