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Athena’s War Shop Pics

Hey guys, at present we can only release teaser screenshots for the upcoming Wartune Patch in DEC 2016, so here are some teasers / pictures for Wartune’s new Cross-Server event’s Athena’s War Shop. The official launch date for all servers is Dec 8th and we will release full detailed guides on Dec 1st which is our permitted date for publishing.

Athena’s War Shop Page 1 Picture

Athena’s War Shop Page 2 Picture

Other Teasers

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  1. What do you mean by “permitted date”? they send lawyers after you?

    • i agree with you. or till 1st december the news is only for the patron?

    • that’s the date we are permitted to post details, guides, etc.
      if i do not respect that there will be negative consequences on us
      – Cosmos

      • You should have never revealed the identities of your characters in your screenshots on Cosmos blog in the first place, would have been way easier for you to do what you want now without the silly R2 whining about it.

      • It would not be realistic to publish thousands of videos and articles and not show who we are for 4+ years…

  2. These new Watune games rewards are not going to excite players one bit. I doubt that I will waste my time playing these new games because the rewards are crappy.

  3. hmm another lame rewards

  4. omg – publishers: shame on you!
    these are no rewards, this is only

    maybe new players like them, but the
    old one’s will (at least 95%) hate them!
    Noone will waste any time to receive them.

    The old reward-shops are better…
    and they are not so good like the publishers
    may think…!

    to be honest, which casher would seduced to buy
    anything like buffs or items to be a bit stronger
    for that worthless rewards?

    Why the hell do they do so much things like this and make the game worse and worser…
    why not enable really good rewards, like talent-stones or titan-stones or at least adv sylph-materials – there are soooo much possibilities and
    they choose one of the worsest? W H Y ? ? ?

  5. waste an entire page to give same lvl-1 eud diamond which can be converted and give nothing useful instead.

    • I sort of hope they change those to something else from the Test to the active version; theoretically can happen although historically there was only 1 time a change happened
      – Cosmos

  6. Books of wisdom could be nice… but how many could a normal player get during the event? Most events now the average player gets 600 event tokens, so not that many.

    • We do not know this at present, but the 600 mark can be a good estimate for an idea

    • I am guessing we will get lots more than 600 just by looking at the prices of these items. I mean if we only got 600 crystals or whatever on the first day of event, would it even be possible to get one of those sylphs even if you cashed for this event.

  7. im a noob and this is still crap rewards, lol. it’d look redeemable if you can get golden sand

  8. what u get from both ares and athena shops looks like they will nerf kid arena and kid bounty hunter

    these devs are killing the game now

    some of us still need truncheons and adv mahra and adv sep

    • i agree with you.

      • devs go usual way, as soon as the big ones got all the useful stuff from events/ mingames, etc, they change it and bring the rewards from these things a bit later with much more time to spend so lowers can get a few (sure not enough to be useful) of them , too.

        system is to keep low ones low and to keep cashplayers ahead

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