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The Secret of Cross Server Dungeons [FUN]

Hey guys, we have found the secret of how the Cross Server Dungeons’ matching works in Wartune and we share it with you right here! (Special thanks goes to FlyingPizza for spending his 2 daily attempts to make people smile instead of spamming insults or similar.)

Here are the easy peasy 5 steps:

Step by step instructions

  1. Observe the CS dungeon invitation in the chat.
  2. See the server number written right before the character name.
  3. Take a note of this number.
  4. Open Wartune in a new browser window and locate this server.
  5. Create a character on that server and “you can enjoy multiplayer dungeon with CS matching!” 🙂

Note to future readers

In case you read this years later when this problem is fixed: this was an issue created in Wartune’s Patch 5.6 (April 2016) where people could send out Cross Server invitations, which were absolutely useless and nobody could CS-party for dungeons.

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  1. rof thats a good laugh 🙂

  2. May be they will fixed it from next patch

    • sure, but in the meantime we can have a laugh 🙂

  3. too much hassle to make accounts on other servers to just play a mpd lol

  4. I serious doubt that is the way it was intended to be played because if it was you would have accounts all over the servers and eventually too many to keep track of. I would much rather be able to click on the CS Dungeon Invitation and play it with my existing Hero.

    • Cozydale this is a joke buddy 🙂
      can also see [FUN] in the title

  5. I realized before that the room needs to 4 players to start or join together, Like 2 here & 2 there, Same mpd and etc.

  6. I have been seeing people say to join that room you see, make a room of the same type and click on match. Now don’t know if this is true or not, never tried myself.

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