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Road to Glory Teaser

Hey guys, at present we can only release teaser screenshots for the upcoming Wartune Patch in DEC 2016, so here are some teasers for Wartune’s Road to Glory. The official launch date for all servers is Dec 8th and we will release full detailed guides on Dec 1st which is our permitted date for publishing.

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  1. Looks like a new Version of Cloud Adventure.

    • it’s in multi-player event section in the devotion tab though…

      • So is the amethyst mine

      • Amethyst mine is meant to be PvP, so it is not an error!

  2. So they have removed a couple of devotion tasks..

    • Looks like we lose 1 Guild, 1 Daily Event. And they are replacing Single-Player Arena with this new thingy.

    • i think they removed guild TOA from devotion

  3. Looks like it took the Duels spot.

  4. another time sucker

  5. I assume we can get truncheons from it, since the only source of them is gone. My guess is it’s another event that will take a lot of time and grinding with little results.

  6. It would appear to be a replacement for multi player arena given the images, almost impossible to tell from the images what it may be though. It would also appear that a guild event has disappeared based on the devotion pick, my guess would be the guild battle.

    The image would appear to show some sort of pathway like in cloud adventures but there doesn’t appear to be anything on it to suggest you would collect anything, the 3 types of steps just repeat suggesting they aren’t significant and is just cosmetic.

    My guess would be that it represents some sort of ranking that at present only shows one team on it in first place, given it’s in the multi player section and appears to replace the existing team arena it would suggest to me that it is probably a team event, probably with some sort of team signup like titan that continues until the period it is for ends, probably a week if it’s a daily event. The images give very little away so this is pretty much guesswork.

    • “partisipate in gro”up arena is still on the devotion list.

  7. hey cosmos

    Is it possible for you change the search function a bit? I want to see the results from LATEST date to past dates….

    I was looking for the article where you mentioned the gold storage limit but I can’t seem to find it since results are all random dates..

    • Hey buddy, i don’t have such control but normally it always should show from newest to oldest
      another trick you can do is use google but write your search words followed by this site://
      that will bring all the results from our site
      and can also make a similar search for our facebook page

      • hey cosmo

        I used the trick you mentioned but unfortunately its not showing me the results I am looking for…

        Anyway do you remember what the new max gold capacity was changed to?

        2.14 Billion or trillion?

  8. Hey Cosmos! I would love to see more videos of you from your knight. I play knight myself, and I would be very interested in seeing how you have progressed from the videos that I have found of you. As always, thanks for updating us:)

    • thank you 🙂
      i’m doing my best to manage all the workload
      will try
      – Cosmos

  9. I am thinking it is the same as solo arena where u challenge other players and players will be standing on those squares.Only this time hopefully better and relevant rewards

  10. They are really just finding ways for us to leave so they can close Wartune down….

    • lol? Why would they shut down the Cash Cow?

      Duels are far outdated. ToK was broken. Astrals getting some love.

      If you don’t like it, don’t play.

  11. Road to Glory is a source of items required for Astrals Elevation. It looks like combination of Cload Adventures with arena duel

  12. So basically R2 is adding more events = more playing time required. Renegging on what they asked about time spent on events daily.

    With the rumors of ban waves, and R2s true intentions to shut down the game within a year. Doesn’t make sense to keep playing when things become habitually the same.

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