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Magic Square Teaser 2

Hey guys, at present we can only release teaser screenshots for the upcoming Wartune Patch in DEC 2016, so here are some more teasers for Wartune’s Magic Square. The official launch date for all servers is Dec 8th and we will release full detailed guides on Dec 1st which is our permitted date for publishing.

Party Teaser

Interface Teasers

Fighting Mobs

Buff Teaser

Other Teasers

Teasers Poll (same in all Teaser posts)

Are you excited about the upcoming Wartune patch in DEC 2016?

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  1. doesnt realy show u alot these screenies

    what rewards does it give

    will u show a vid

    • Yes they will, but after first december. They wrote it down nicely

    • Yes, will, on Dec 1

      • so u will wait and r2 games has already got a guide up

      • It looks like the Wartune companies have tricked us; what can I say, they keep on not-surprising us with their unprofessional/evil behavior
        – Cosmos

      • hey did u block me from your site? i can’t get in

      • you are posting a comment so i guess you can access the site?
        or if you are posting from another location then if your IP is blocked email me your IP and I will check why the site defenses have blocked it – this only happens when there is hacking activity going on so either you have done some bad stuff or you maybe have a virus and someone is using your PC to do bad stuff
        – Cosmos

      • i guess the site might have been down or something its ok now

  2. What about TOK chest? will they remain or will disappear like Guid chest?

  3. how about some useful changes others than put in more and more time graping parts ? some blitz for dims ? weekly dungeons count for rest of week after done first time (but still can be done if wanted).

    better changes bring back fun and change game into what it was at start: a game, not another full time job like its now

  4. is true,bcoz of this mpd,they wil remove ToK from game 🙁 ?

    • yes r2games has patch guides up

  5. 5kk damage decrease HP of mobs by 10%-15% ? who can kill those mobs then? only titans?

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