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3rd Update for The Hidden Gold Mine – Magic Inn

Hey guys, this short post is to inform you that I updated (3rd time) the nice article “The Hidden Gold Mine – Magic Inn” with the following:


Purple gift: Tulip Pot: added icon and item description picture:

Orange Gift: Novelty Photo Album: added icon and item description picture:

Added a picture of NPC Demit having a great day and giving 4 gifts in one go including the orange gift:

Added picture proof of rewards received for giving orange gifts to:

NPC Demit: 5 Moon Rock and 5 Sun Core

NPC Fina: 5 Moon Dust and 5 Blast of Sun

And finally improved / added additional observations in the conclusion of the article.

Reference links:

  • Article “The Hidden Gold Mine – Magic Inn”: HERE
  • Original Magic Inn Guide: HERE

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  1. Weird update, well I guess its still useful. By the way lucky exchange merged sylphs is unfair. Rechargers from first 200 got Odin >.> there’s us sitting 2nd time with over 300 items on Freya and Frigga. Nothing lol…

    • Today i’ve got Freya on the 200th chest in lucky exchange and i am not a casher (only VIP).

      Yes, chances are tiny one get’s the merged sylph but it isn’t impossible. On the server where i play (S645) there are more players who got lucky with only a “small” amount of chests.

      I love these exchanges, not only for the chance that a merged sylph drops but also for the chi’s and the adv. mahra&sepul. 🙂

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