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Poll Results – Which Magic Inn NPC do you give most gifts to?

Hey everyone, in this article I share the Magic Inn poll results from our poll where we asked you “Which Magic Inn NPC do you give most gifts to?”.

The poll answer options were:

  • Demit (MRock/SCore)
  • Berdim (Sepulcrums)
  • Fina (MDust/BlastS)
  • Cindy (Mahras)
  • Brad (Whips/Henna)

558 players voted and the results are:

Magic Inn poll results

  • Cindy (Mahras) wins by far with 383 votes or 69%
  • #2 is Brad
  • #3 is Fina

It is a landslide victory for Cindy! 🙂

Although I was sure she would get a lot of love from players, I am surprised at the results. The only thing I am not surprised about is our dear friend NPC Berdim with his Sepulcrums as those are the more available resources. However, I could also argue that Whips are very much available too due to Magic Square and very attractive Whip events, but NPC Brad won the 2nd place!

And while I do share the love for NPC Cindy and do visit her in the Magic Inn frequently *naughty smile *
I am, at present, a lot more interested in Demit and Fina due to the great need of Moon Rocks and Moon Dust to refine my Loki sylph.

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  1. Mm… i need for thor moon dust and rock

    But with mine calculations i should be able to get it in next Sylph upgrade/enchant event.

    if you fully use the event you can refine sylph in like 2 events like cosmos said

  2. well brad is second cause even tho whips are really common like seps, you need loads of whips for all the mount training and also for the magic mounts while adv/normal sep you dont need that much

    And also Cindy ofc is the most cause even tho adv mahra also you dont need an “unlimited” amount thats the hardest to get

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