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Another Update for The Hidden Gold Mine – Magic Inn

Hey guys, this short post is to inform you that I updated (2nd time) the nice article “The Hidden Gold Mine – Magic Inn” with the following (thanks to all who helped):


  • Input from Baagii: pictures and info about Cindy and max level.
  • Input from DeadlyPoison: Started Getting 2 more items. Tulip Pot (purple) and Novelty Photo Album (orange). I don’t know if it’s experience related but if someone else has the exp requirements for 1-2 you can figure it out. My Demit lvl 3 at 444. Berdim lvl 3 at 393. Fina lvl 3 at 505 exp. Cindy lvl 4 at 361 exp. Brad lvl 4 at 117 exp. Total exp is 5715. So I don’t know how it works but it may be 5500 or 5600 exp when the new items start appearing.
  • Input from Nuno: For now Magic Inn max level is 4. The moment you hit 900 friendliness it just stays at 4 and it says max – no change on the rewards for Cindy. (also confirmed by Eukkie & OkiDoky)
  • Other changes by me:
    • Added 2 new gifts to the list. Added Tier 5 for orange. Added 10 Friendship assumption for the orange gift.
    • Bolded gift names to make it clearer.
    • Removed level 5 column as level 4 was confirmed as max.
    • Added 2 updates info and thanks to people commenting/emailing/sharing.
    • Filled up completely Friendliness rewards.
    • Filled up completely Magic Dust rewards.
    • Made further improvements in the data presentation of the table & added new data.

Still data is missing so share if can. Please refresh it to see the updated version.

Reference links:

  • Article “The Hidden Gold Mine – Magic Inn”: HERE
  • Original Magic Inn Guide: HERE

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  1. but we can unlock anyway the orange card ? we got this info?

    • Orange gift – yes
      Orange / Center card – no info about this yet

      • not sure if it helps, but i didnt start seeing the purple icecream until berdim hit level 3, which was my last one to hit level 3. so possibly getting certain npcs to certain levels unlocks new gifts, or all npcs reaching a certain level.

  2. Suggestion:
    Update to Time Portal with comparison of rewards and some examples of BR to move the higher levels. At 620K Odin, I can’t do Hard even enough to get 350 points which would be better than 400 at normal. I know there are much higher sylphs out there who might be doing better.

    Thanks for all you do.

    • thanks, added

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