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Update for The Hidden Gold Mine – Magic Inn

Hey guys, this short post is to inform you that I updated the nice article “The Hidden Gold Mine – Magic Inn” with the following:


  • Added gift icons and names per Tier / Color
  • Added picture of gathered gifts for reference.
  • Changed in rewards the Tier to specific colors to make it clear for people.
  • Added additional rewards separated by gift type (color coded)
  • All NPC Level 3 have very good rewards’ info. Other Levels still lacking – please email or comment.
  • Added screenshot of Brad with Purple gift rewards of 20 Whips and 40 Henna
  • Added screenshot of Beling / Berdim with Purple gift rewards incl. 24 Advanced Sepulcrum
  • Added screenshot of Demit with Purple gift rewards of 4 Moon Rock and 4 Sun Cores
  • Added screenshot of Cindy with Purple gift rewards incl. 8 Advanced Mahra

So please refresh it to see the updated version.

Reference links:

  • Article “The Hidden Gold Mine – Magic Inn”: HERE
  • Original Magic Inn Guide: HERE

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  1. Thank you


    any word on what it really takes to move up a tier in Time Portal and what difference the rewards are?

    Inquiring minds want to know 🙂

    • no sorry, don’t have a solid / clear recommendation on that

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