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Dragon Invasion 18 Levels Completed!

So yesterday I got together with a few of my good (and powerful!) buddies to do Dragon Invasion, and we beat level 18. Since we’ve speculated for so long that this dungeon would have at least 20 levels (seen some people say 40?!), we were really surprised to find out that there is no boss 19 that spawns! It didn’t seem beyond Wartune to bug us and not show the next boss,  so I checked with a friend whose team also can beat level 18, and he confirmed that no boss 18 shows up. At least for now, this is it folks! I highly recommend that if you haven’t yet, check out our guide to clearing more Dragon Invasion levels, for that extra boost to your team’s damage output and speed!

VIDEO: Wartune Gameplay – Dragon Invasion 18 Levels Completed

Checkout the video of my first time beating level 18 (with time to collect and see everything afterward)!

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  1. I’m not going to degrade your achievement, but not showing 19 boss seems like devs’ overlook (or bug). I’m positive about 40 bosses, but maybe this is like in sky trail. There are level beyond, but they are empty.
    I was hoping to see some text, confirming the completion like in bloody inferno. But it seems like there is no such thing. Maybe file a ticket about it?

    • How do you want to have 40 levels? When rolling dices plus collect takes minimum 30 sec per stage. Which means 40x 30 seconds that’s 20 minutes.. The duration of DI.. You gotta kill bosses too… 😉

      • I believe, I’ve seen (or heard) a slightly different behavior of timer. Like you get +1min for every killed boss. This way it can last all 40 bosses. Or maybe devs just leave the idea about 40 bosses. I, personally, do not see a point (other than rob players of gold) to put this event on timer. Boss just kill all after a certain amount of turns.
        Also, sylph expedition has 100 stages, but I don’t know if someone completed like 60 (maybe someone did, but I just don’t know about it).

    • Hahaha they don’t care about confirming you beat it. That would take 4 minutes of programming and make them $0 money. 7 Road is very “efficient” with their game design in that if it doesn’t bring in more $$

  2. I believe I readd for Wartune itself the stage were 20.
    But 18 sounds to mee like a good number.
    A good, achievable, number.
    (any other stage would be almost unachiveable anyway)

    But DO file a ticket guys!
    See what they say!
    A message should be prompted.

  3. sadly a group of non cashers will never see even level 15 i bet. im guessing you had close to 20mil br in party to achieve this

    • Comment no diagas eso , sabes yo no soy chaser y con un grupo de no casher si hemos podido llegar al 15

  4. very nice video! the maximum level i won with my team is 16, i hope to win level 18 too, in future 🙂

  5. last time we completed stage 16 with 65 secs remaining on time, sadly it is not enough to beat 17. but my team is on average of 3.5mil BR, with an exemption of 1 of my guys being 2.3mil BR mage.

  6. When DI was initially created it was supposed to be called Tiamat Invasion. It was also advertised as 20 levels. My team has also beat level 18 and no boss 19 spawned.

    • This is ☢ℂAℕƐ☢

  7. u ar ☢ℂAℕƐ☢?

  8. there is a fl 20 and i got the screen shot to prove it along with the trick to make res appear if people really want to know

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