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Dragon Invasion Poop Pause Button

Hey guys, have you ever suffered from holding onto poop pressure when doing your Dragon Invasion runs? 😛
I have the perfect solution right here for all of us! Check it out 🙂

Introducing DI Poop Pause Button!

A democratic button – everyone can vote! 🙂
And it is also good for re-log during lag or when friends DC!

#fun, #just for fun, #to make you smile 🙂

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  1. Or a more useful “someone dc’d so let’s pause until they log back in” button. Why don’t online games have a pause button? I understand why they don’t for arena and things like that, but for coop stuff and solo mpd there should be a pause button.

    • i reply to you: there are players that remove subit the pause or players that put the pause and come after some days.

      • there is an easy fix for that, which is to set 1 minute as the maximum duration for the Pause effect (extendable if 3 people vote to extend)
        – Cosmos

  2. this shd be patron exclusive post ^^

  3. only thing I suffer from is wanting to stab time wasting laggers in the neck, when time gets down to zero 3 rounds in a row the desire to throw things and get stabby seems to over power me!

  4. also refresh for 19+ very very annoying

  5. I think they need to put too a button whiwh we can activate when all people had harvested the drops, just to win time ^^

  6. how did u get 80k bound balen?

    • years of collection, you can actually watch it over the hundreds of videos I uploaded
      – Cosmos

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