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Hilarious Dragon Invasion Invitation

Hey guys, as you know the standard Wartune Dungeon invitation is:

[World][Player]: Thrills await you in [Tower of Kings(Nightmare)_Activity] room 9. Join now! (Dungeon hasn’t started yet)

but players often edit the text to add extra requirements, which are sometimes BR, like:

[World][Player]: TOK NM 4.5kk+ BR (Dungeon hasn’t started yet)

and later started doing more attack requirements as BR got less meaningful, like:

[World][Player]: TOK NM 350k+ ATK

while in other events like Dragon Invasion also lag free became a requirement or fast dice rolling

but also other requirements like damnation kid, wind cursed arrow or a specific Wartune class or even a specific language or country requirement, etc.

But the most funny invitation by far is:

[World][Giovanni]: Comma too DI (speaka Italy?) NO LAG rollo rapido!! WIND bambino! grande BR or butiful ragazza. URGENTE! I must go ristorante! (Dungeon hasn’t started yet)

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  1. This is funny for kids in these days? sigh…

  2. edit urgento in urgente plz . XD

    • oops fixed 😛

  3. 你好我新,我的朋友告诉我,如果你需要有关wartune什么,去dolygames网站网页。感谢爱你。

  4. and dont forget 50% use it for spamming dump messages or just get their name written in game

  5. NO Lag ya right! Since when. Server 408 was build with automatic lag, lol.

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