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Patch 5.6 comes to all servers 14 Apr 2016

Hey guys, Patch 5.6 is coming to all servers on Weekly Maintenance on Thursday, the 14th of April at 4:00 AM EDT(1:00 AM PDT, 9:00 AM GMT, and 4:00 PM GMT +8) for all servers. Please share with friends and guild mates and here below all our guides for Patch 5.6:

All our Wartune Patch 5.6 Guides and Info

Eudaemon Patrol

New Clothing System

New Fate System Extension

All Other:

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  1. new fate system? does that means our current will be reset…again?

    • no it will not be reset, just the maximum was extended from level 20 to level 30

  2. Another patch to widen the gap between big cashers & light casher/free players. Soon the only ones that will be left playing will be the $100k cartoons. The game will be a waste of time for anyone else.

    • The worst part is the decrease in rage following patch. We got the patch last week and it’s been brutal to say the least.

      • that can be challenging but get back to using rage rune and you will be ok until we raise levels

      • If you have achieved Knighthood initial rage is rather meaningless. The 4 skills I have cost 0/20/30/80 rage each. The 0 rage attack adds 30 rage and I have a 20% chance for +10 rage after each action. So it isn’t too bad once you have gotten that far.

      • That’s a good point TomKo44, thanks for sharing. I am also not that upset about Rage. I don’t have Knighthood yet on my Cosmos Knight, but it’s also easily fixed with a simple Rage Rune until we build up the levels (and i am curious what clothing event they will do with the new system)

      • They will have to have other ways to raise clothing other than lvl 1 clothes engulfing. Just to go from lvl 51-52 you would need four full sets of clothing (each set is 2,500). Getting wings are a pain as it is. I don’t see me leveling my clothes beyond what I get initially for a real long time unless there are changes.

    • not realy, if u have saved ur fate stons u should have arround 15-20k. so u can make to lvl 30 easy and have a big BR boost. Tenacity and influence on the other hand…

      • yes, especially the longer playing players would have gathered the fate stones but the 2 other systems like you said will be much harder to max out as i doubt anyone would be trading 200 event chests for these items

      • I trade some, to get 2000 beads of influence thinking that would take me to lvl 25 at least, haha. But havent seen Tenacity marks exchange so far, only for spender and recharging events. That one will be the hardest to get.

      • I sold mine a long time ago. And don’t spin. I had maxed Fate Stones and Beads as they were a waste of space. Who would ever imagine they would make a comeback!

      • Even worse was when I asked a Mentor if fate Stones were of any use once I’d reached max I was told to go ahead and sell them…

  3. What will happen with clothing shards?

    • nobody knows at this point but everyone is a little nervous about them i guess

      • i think i said somewhere ” u d better exchange them all for cores before its too late”…well then i did, an im quite happy 🙂
        i got none left

      • Well… they are still in the game and being awarded in events.

  4. well its finally here, 5.6 patch, I guess the last 3 years of buying lucky charms, fashion cores and clothing and building clothing to have a higher BR, and better attributes has been a waist of my time and money. Seems to me that 7road and R2, are doing nothing but STEALING what I have paid for and now going to charge me more money to raise the same areas back up after they steal what I have accomplished building so far, what a shame. Its not like this is the 1st time they have taken from the players.

    • DragonWitch that’s not entirely accurate, it is just a new system and we think it is a much nicer system so check it out first (see our clothing table to see where you will be)
      [Patch 5.6] Clothing Engulf EXP Costs and Stats

    • I have a lot of clothes with only 3 or 4 stars. The first thing I will do is level them all to 5 stars as they are no fail/no decrease! I won’t use cores for leveling the clothes level until all my clothes are 5 stars.

  5. well this update will be good tomorrow u guys should take screenshot of toons tonight then take another one tomorrow see how br fluctuates after this update on clothing and stuff. I have on test server it is 9k br increase off coothing for me at lvl 5 clothing level so u should al see how big increase or decreae actually is

  6. well this update will be good tomorrow u guys should take screenshot of toons tonight then take another one tomorrow see how br fluctuates after this update on clothing and stuff. I have on test server it is 9k br increase off coothing for me at lvl 5 clothing level so u should al see how big increase or decreae actually is

  7. The rage loss sux bad…BS

  8. Cross Server MPD

    doesn’t even work right…wtf…world chat spam invitation but can’t even join the roomm….

  9. Hi Dolygames Team,

    I’m not sure if I read this in any of your posts and I also didn’t see any info about it in any of the forum posts from R2. There was an update to Bounty Target rewards — larger quantities of rewards available. Below is a sample of today’s rewards:

    Lvl 63- White Iron x 20
    Lvl 64- Turquoise x 20
    Lvl 65- Blue Crystaloid x 20
    Lvl 66- Turquoise x 21
    Lvl 67- Lvl 2 HP Diamond x 12
    Lvl 70- Blue Crystaloid x 17
    Lvl 72- White Iron x 22
    Lvl 73- Lvl 3 HP Diamond x 13

    Thanks again for the all your information!

    • Thanks for sharing and kind words.
      I started gathering this data, we will try to make a report on it soon.

    • Also seems that diamonds have become rare in bounty targets now. I have no diamonds at all and usually had 3 or more everyday before patch.

  10. Rush, I noticed in bounty targets are better rewards, but in the games now that there are more days of them, the rewards are cut alot. used to get 30 at a time for fishing and getting certain fish, lmao now the max is 5, for the fish. So the players still lost in the games

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