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Wartune Events 16 Apr 2016

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 16 Apr 2016:

There is a standard compensation for server downtime. Otherwise there are 2 casher events:


One Time Recharge Gift – 5 days

Event Note #1: To avoid any losses, please make sure you have enough space to store your Gold rewards before recharging.
Event Note #2: During the event, recharge required amount of (unbound) Balens in a single purchase to be rewarded. (This event has unlimited attempts.)

Jasmine Chest
During the event, recharge 500 Balens to receive: 1 750 500k
During the event, recharge 1,000 Balens to receive: 2 1,500 1m
During the event, recharge 2,000 Balens to receive: 5 3,000 2m
During the event, recharge 4,000 Balens to receive: 10 6,000 4m
During the event, recharge 10,000 Balens to receive: 25 15,000 10m
During the event, recharge 30,000 Balens to receive: 100 45,000 30m

Big Spender – 24 hours

  • Up to 20000 balen spending rewards, giving:
  • Event clothing chests, advanced henna, gold and vulcan packs

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  1. When i do game free realy now is always event cahser of ???? come r2 wake up before to late ass ????

    • to be fair there were a lot of events loaded in last 2 days, just this day 2 new events are casher only

    • If you follow the patterns of events they are released Friday and Monday. This game is free to play and pay to win like all other games. People will always play the game. Yes they have changed the format of the events and they are less to the free players but that is just what it is.

  2. They shut down all servers to fix price for Advanced Henna x 1000 from 499 to 4999 balens. But they lie on forum for the reason. We dislike liars! Why they never do emergency shut down to fix things for players, if they put players first?! Some fast players, VIP, ofcorse, got last night 20 k Advanced Henna with only 99 Euro/USD. That is half of what a player need to be Knighthood. For such big mistakes, deserve to have 100 bucks in your account, even if you not casher.

    • damn i sure wish i would have been on for that one hundred well spent is the way i see it way to go all who got it

      • damm.. oh well, i spent 100 bucks to get to KH using events, recharge in 1 and a half month, so all depends on your timing and to know when and how to spent. Still, 20k for 99 bucks is a nice deal, that is a good price for Adv. henna.

  3. yea this is standard too 2 days after they start the daily recharge one they load this one and the one at the top that has a button saying recharge this amount to get bla bla bla should be use to this event coming it does at the same time every time

  4. the new patch really great now we can have good euds

    and the new arena & sylph arena & cw all better now and we can have some rewards **i mean new players

    i dont like the new archaeology & 3days cloud adventure
    i will add my thoughts about it when it comes to me

    • more of what i dont like PMs & require 5blanes to contribute & almost no diamond in bounty target and a lot white iron

      if i have more i will share

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