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[Patch 5.6] Numbers of Eudaemons for Patrol

Hey guys, as Patch 5.6 Wartune update is coming close there are some preparations we can plan for or already start on making and, in this post, I share with you information to help with planning related to numbers or quantities of Eudaemons that you own.

I have prepared the image below to summarize the information, but I will explain also in words. In the Patch 5.6 there is a new feature called the Eudaemon Patrol, if you don’t know about it please read our full Eudaemon Patrol guide. When you get this new feature there will be a limited amount of options unlocked at the beginning, but in mid-long term we will all unlock up to 9 Watchtowers as we level up the Base Camp and this means:

  • In Base Camp 1 Eudaemon can “work” to upgrade it
  • In Watchtower there are 2 options:
    • Option 1: do a Patrol to get rewards (1-4 Eudaemons can “work” here)
    • Option 2: upgraded the Watchtower (1 Eudaemon can “work” on this)

Note: on the picture I wrote the bare minimum of 2 per Watchtower.

So what we have then for 9 Watchtowers and 1 Base Camp is – if you want to do the maximum possible gain/rewards/patrols:

  • We will need 1 Eudaemon for Base Camp (until maxed)
  • We will need from 18 to 45 Eudaemons for Watchtowers (45 is the ultimate maximum probably rare situation)
  • And what I did not write so far is that we will need, optionally, estimated 1 to 10 Eudaemons for helping friends subdue Patrol Riots

So just putting the figures together that is a minimum 20 to 55 Eudaemons needed, but in reality I do not expect that we will ever reach this theoretical maximum, so the figure we should target is around 20 Eudaemons.

[Patch 5.6] Numbers of Eudaemons for Patrol

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  1. Still wondering if this replaces the existing Eudaemon bounty targets or is in addition to it.

    • it is a new feature, so in addition to existing features

  2. hehe here’s hoping that we can get lots of marks and BoZ to do so. i know that you get both from here. I have concentrated all my work on my main eadu and had 2 very weak ones right now.

    • on lower levels you can indeed get shards as rewards

      • the reward use same system as eud bounty targets?the reward changes as increase level?

      • we are trying to establish this as it takes time to level things up, but you indeed have a better reward by difficulty (but also higher requirements to participate)

  3. new changes look cool but when will thy come to sv 233

  4. sure after the possibility to sell unneded eudamons (wich are all double classes or eudas u cant equip in useful way) they will change things so that ppl have to buy them as fast as possible to stay ahead.

    only good thing in this changes? doesnt effect non cash players cause more and more they give a p…of sh..t for all this

    • I SEE

  5. When is this patch taking effect?

    • no one knows, it is in alpha test right now. So, it might be a couple weeks, it might be a couple months.

  6. I try to find which level eudaemons want to be in tover question L1, L2,L3, …

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