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[Patch 5.6] All Other Changes

Hey guys, in this guide we present to you the new Patch 5.6 “Other” changes, which do not fall into our larger dedicated guides, and give you all the details about them here:

[Patch 5.6] All Other Changes

Mini Games – more days!

More days for mini games: Fishing is available every Monday and Thursday; Cloud Adventures every Friday and Sunday; and Jewel Hunt every Wednesday and Saturday. (Note: Open times for each mini game may vary based on timezone)

[Patch 5.6] All Other Changes - game box days

Henna Increased Rewards from Raiding

Added Henna Lab win steak reward: When a player successfully raids other players several times in a row, he/she will get an extra Henna reward. If a player fails before he/she reaches their goal, the victory count will start over.

Modifications to Cross-Server PVP

Chaos War

  • Level Requirement: Now only Lvl. 50+ (originally Lvl. 40+) players may participate in Chaos War.
  • Participants will receive single battle rewards. All Lvl. 50+ (originally Lvl. 40+) active players on the server will receive preliminary and final rewards.

Steel War

  • Level Requirement: Now only Lvl. 50+ (originally Lvl. 35+) players may participate in Steel War.
  • Rewards: Rewards are based on victories or defeats as well as individual point rankings (at least 5 points; originally 30 points).

War of Eternity

Requirement: Now all Lvl. 50+ couples (Both should be Lvl. 50+) can join War of Eternity. (Originally only a couple whose total BR reached 1,200,000 could participate.)

Modifications to Cross-Server MP Dungeon

Cross-Server MP Dungeon will unlock during fixed periods:

  • 13:00 – 15:00
  • 21:00 – 23:00

A Cross-Server MP Dungeon icon will appear on top of the screen when it is event time. Players may click the event icon to open the room list panel. When the time is not right, the following message will appear: “Cross-Server Matching: 13:00 – 15:00; 21:00 – 23:00” when a player clicks the icon.

[Patch 5.6] The New MP Dungeon icon Wartune

During each event period, each player has 2 free attempts to send a cross-server invitation. For following attempts, one Cross-Server Bullhorn will be consumed each time players use this feature. Cross-server invitations will not appear in Cross-Server chat, but in All chat.

Modifications to Guild Battle

Changes: There is now no guild number requirement for participating in Guild Battle but matching rules stay unchanged. When there are insufficient Guilds, a Guild may have no enemy.


  • Level caps for Brutal Edge, Tenacity and Influence have been changed from Level 20 to 30. Meanwhile, their battle auras will be removed to improve battle efficiency.
  • Dragon Soul level is no longer subject to class advancement level.
  • Added Talent Stones: One Talent Stone can be used as 100 Balens/Bound Balens when upgrading Talents.
  • Auction House has been removed.
  • Modified Balen Lode: Before players could use Balens to participate in Balen Lode, now they must recharge in order to participate.
  • Added Cross-Server Bullhorns and Cross-Server chat.
  • When Henna Lab items are ready to collect, a message will pop up at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Removed the feature where monsters turn red when players press the Ctrl key.
  • Optimized resource loading.

Archaeology Optimizations

Making things more user friendly:

  • Revised the sequence of the display menus in the Archaeology panel.
  • Grey color text is now used for unactivated archaeological items.
  • Modified the title in the Handbook panel.
  • Added help text in the Prospect screen. (Follow the hints (color and direction) from the indicator to search for archaeological items. The color of the indicator will change as players approach the right spot. When the indicator becomes green, players can click [Dig] to dig for items.)

[Patch 5.6] All Other Changes - archaeology optimizing

VIDEO: Wartune Patch 5.6 Preview – Other Changes

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  1. Guild Battle:
    What does Guild Number mean?

    There can participate more than 8 guilds?

    War of Eternity:
    Does it starts after this patch?

    • – we think it is number of people not guilds
      – they talk about war of eternity as if it is already happening so either they will fix it finally or we will have the same issue

      • Are you sure it means the number of people participating? I have a guild merge planned and waiting until patch so everyone can get in to guild battle..

      • that’s the text I got, I understand it is not clear, but we have no way of testing it to figure out what the text exactly means (there are no guild battles on the test server), so for this one we have to wait and see i guess

      • actuall you need at least 8 guilds on a server to have guild wars, after the patch guild wars also when there are less than 8 guilds

      • not sure because on test server we never have guild battle :S

  2. Some nice QoL changes there.

  3. Sniper’s Edge? Don’t you mean Brutal Edge?

    • Thanks, corrected, working hard many hours made a small mistake sorry.

  4. in all other changes u say auction house removed we never had 1 or seen one so how can they remove something that never existed ornless they disable us from using it in first place ?

    • for them it existed in the game but of course it was not available for us to access and some people always gossiped that we might get it, but now it is clear it is removed completely

  5. a Cross server chat? as is same as World chat but a cross server one?.. and u can speak in it for how many times?

  6. Says auction house removed. We don’t have auction house now, do we?

  7. Big thanx for all those cool info Cosmos.
    honesty I feel these changes are good,but u never know. ; )

  8. I understand coming out with new patches but would be nice if they would focus on fixing current bugs before bringing out more new stuff which will cause even more bugs.

    BTW, ty for all this info, much appreciated.

  9. lets hope r2 did not screw up by reset our collected items in archaelogy…i got a bad feeling something will happen there ^^

  10. It’s a dead game, at this point. Try to access anything resembling help on their site.

    • people who has spent alot $$/€€ on this game still plays, but most people who haven’t been spending any cash or a little amount of a month has quit and quitting also.

  11. How much exp you get for a lvl 1 cloth (350) and a lvl 2? a lvl 3?, etc. what is best, engulfing a lvl 4 cloth or 2 lvl 3 (or 4 lvl 2, or 8 lvl 1)

    Can you make a chart? plz elia, ty

  12. so will we have lvl 30 Influence instead lvl 20 or we need 10 more lvls up?

  13. I would like to know how to join the war of eternity. I see it pop up that it is about to start, but have never been able to find out how or where. My ingame spouse and i are both lvl 80 and 8mil+ in BR. so if u could help that would be great. thank you

    • We don’t have war of eternity yet. There is no way to join. They just will not get rid of that system message that pops up every week.

      Looks like we may get it after next patch hopefully.

  14. ok great is for when this pacth u know or is for only 3 mounts pls say me info for keep thing brutal fate stone LOL ty doly game

  15. other question maybe u know if soon give adv marah more easy because lot adv sepeltum my sylph soon all full and no adv marah maybe u know ty doly game

  16. so we still need fate stones for upgrading brutal edge to lvl 30?

  17. wow, soo happy with new upcoming things (not), cause will be more lag, more bugs, more adv. for cash players, so have to face br 20 mio in arena soon (have 2.3 mio myself). thx a lot this will make game even more fair than before (if this is even possible)

    readers can keep sarcasm (if they are able to find some)

    • Relax! I play this game almost from the begining. It’s newer was fair for free players and newer will be.

  18. Any change on sylph merge? balens/materials?

  19. lol, so cloth tips will be for patrons only… guess will have to wiat for test servers to get it first.

  20. do we have an estimated arrival of this patch? has test servers got it as yet ?

    • yes, it is estimated to arrive in mid-April

  21. rewards in endumeon arena will also change. from 1 chest per loose and 2 chests per win to 2 scrolls of every(6 total) per loose and 4 of every (12 total) per win

    • good point, thank you for sharing

  22. I noticed rewards in eudaemon bounty has changed dramatically. any word on how to obtain diamonds now?

  23. Nvm… I see they are still on there, just not as frequent. I do like the increase of items for bounties however. just would like to get some diamonds, lol.

  24. In Archeaology there are “greyed out” items. You mention that these are not “activated”. How do we activate them?

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