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Wartune Events 14 December 2016

Hey guys, for Wartune Events 14 December 2016 we have the same big spender as on the 13th and same daily Patch login.

The new thing is this new 40k/80k balen spender with the Flying Squirrel +400 mount at the 80k tier, however, with all the new items in the recent patch I am not sure this spender is something that the top cashers would like though. I think smelting stones and Star Dust like in the big spender are a more attractive offer. Here they have Beast Souls which a lot of cashers are maxed out on (they have all the Shop mounts and lots of leftover Beast Souls) and naturally they are finished with all the vulcan holy forging long ago . Not commenting at all on the lousy hoofs , so it looks like a very poor offer for those players who spend 40k/80k balens.


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  1. anyone know the rules for getting to skip levels at the beginning of road to glory?

    • The more you clear on nightmare, the more you can skip next day. If you beat all 15 on nm, you can skip to 12 next day. I think you have to beat at least stage 6 on nm before you can start to skip.

      • Correct.

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