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[Patch 5.6] New Clothing System Guide

Hey guys, in this guide we present to you the new Patch 5.6 Clothing System and give you all the details about it:

[Patch 5.6] New Clothing System Guide

Modifications to Clothing Attributes

  1. One piece of clothing will no longer offer an attribute bonus. Only identified attributes will be kept.
  2. There is only an attribute bonus added to the whole clothing system. Attribute bonuses can be increased by engulfing clothing.

[Patch 5.6] New Clothing System Guide - character

[Patch 5.6] New Clothing System Guide - character 2

Clothing Identification

When refining a piece of clothing, stars will only increase. Identifying clothing is guaranteed to succeed.

[Patch 5.6] New Clothing System Guide - refinement stars

Modifications to Clothing Synthesis

  1. Clothing Synthesis has been renamed “Clothing Engulf.”
  2. Players may engulf Clothing, Fashion Cores and Good Luck Charms to upgrade their Clothing System.
  3. Clothing players obtained from previous versions can be engulfed to increase clothing attributes. The higher the level of the engulfed clothing, the more attribute bonuses the new Clothing System will get. Attribute bonuses obtained by engulfing clothing will not be less than that obtained by upgrading clothing in the old Clothing System.

[Patch 5.6] New Clothing System Guide - engulfing clothing

[Patch 5.6] New Clothing System Guide - engulfing clothing 2

4) Upgrading the Clothing System will increase total attribute bonuses for the system. Starting at Level 10, players will randomly obtain clothing for every 5 levels upgraded.

[Patch 5.6] New Clothing System Guide - engulfing clothing 3

Clothing Shop Modifications

Players can no longer try on clothing in the Shop or event panels.

Clothing Title Adjustments


Maximum Clothing Level


VIDEO: Wartune Patch 5.6 Preview – Clothing System Changes (Clothing Engulf)

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  1. question.. if we engulf 1 cloth of lvl 8-9.. we gain more points when engulf? when patch realase, we lose cloths we have put on(lvl 8)?

    • It is a new system. As you can see from the article the clothing and items are consumed or engulfed. See the article, pictures and video that we prepared and you will understand.

      • i finished see… idk.. but like i see.. is better before realase patch put cloths lvl 1.. r2game like always screew up all.. hohoohhoho. and take screen shot of you cloths (pieces of lvl’s) before patch hahaha

  2. “Attribute bonuses obtained by engulging clothing will not less than that obtained by upgrading clothing in the old clothing system.”
    so if we have lvl 8 cloths in old system after patch will have lvl 8 in new system?

  3. Will there be any more clothing set titles?

    • Updated the post with the clothing titles now.

      • ok, but what about when they releae more clothing, will these NEW sets carry NEW titles?

  4. So does this mean no more title set?

    • no the titles are still there, there is no known change about them

  5. ok so I just got lvl 10 clothes and finally got my wings to 9 will they stay the same I proly sound like a dumb ass but im kinda slow to catch on lol

    • it’s difficult to clearly answer, it is a totally different system and we are preparing another article to show exact requirements and stats per level and how much you get for consuming your current clothing

      • so would it be a good idea to roll around in lvl 3 or 4 clothing till patch hits and keep my high lvl clothes in my inventory?

      • does not matter where you store the items, the system changes and all items become consumables which you can feed

      • When you logged in, were the clothes you were previously wearing in mailbox? Or just in inventory?

  6. What about level 10, 11, 12 clothing titles? Are there new requierements or did they remove the titles?

    Is it better to engulf 100 level 1 clothing pieces instead of 50 level 2?

  7. Do you know how much experience the luck charms are worth?

    • 200

      • Thanks

  8. “one piece of clothing no longer offer attribute bonus” meaning? we need a full set (head, armor, weapon + wing) for any bonus stat?

    what happen to our half refined clothing like 1 star-4 star? all gone after patch?

    • all clothing items of all type and cores and charms all become simply consumables which you use to feed your clothing set and level it up

  9. presently my weapon and helmet are maxed out (L12). Will that mean they are also maxed out in the new system?

    • No.
      There will be no such thing as “maxed piece” in new system. There will be just “clothing level”. So, I assume, engulfing all four lvl 12 cloth (wings included) should max your clothing level. Or, at least, make it enough to obtain a “Fashion god” title.
      This is logic, but we know all too well, Wartune and logic do not get along very often.

  10. I have 2 level 9 clothes ready for new level 10, you recommend ?, I maintain the level 9? or I turn in level 10

  11. currently, i have my clothes at lvl 11 (all incl. wings) – is this now completely worthless with the new system? or will i start at lvl – i don’t know – 25 (much higher then someone who has his clothes at lvl 9)?

  12. How much exp u get for engulfing a lvl 3 cloth? or a lvl 4? a lvl 5? and so on? Plz can you do that experiment? should I have all lvl 1 cloths or make them lvl 3 for this patch, what is better?

  13. So with this new clothing system, is it better to not synthesize any clothing anymore and just leave everything at level 1?

  14. How is it possible to get on a alpha test server?

  15. Will the clothing you have already identified (pre-patch) still be identified and refined after the patch? And do you have any control over your appearance anymore?

  16. seen the picture for max lvl of 200, do you know how much xp was needed for that last lvl of 200?

  17. Can the emperor set still be unlocked in the new system?

  18. what happen to our rage bonus? will it be gone with new system?

  19. What should be better get from clothing shards now, looking forward to this changes?
    Sets for titles?
    How much exp does a L2 clothing give?

  20. should we still be waiting for event or not?

    • as you know they never tell players in advance, so waiting for event can be short or long process and it is up to you if you decide to use your items now or wait – each player must make that choice themselves
      i suggest if you don’t really need to use the items then don’t

  21. Well I got some clothes from Hot Events and so on. But they don’t seem to appear in Dressing Room for identification or “activation”. Is that suppose to happen or am I missing something?

  22. Hello, after the update, how to get clothes to engulf?

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