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Patch 5.5 Videos and Info

Hey you guys, Cosmos and I both did videos on the new patch for you to check out! We cover all the main changes in the videos, and encourage you to use the blog for the several reference articles we’ve been writing about some of the new features.



Cosmos’s Patch 5.5 First Look

Elia’s Overview of the Patch 5.5 Changes

Patch 5.5 Guides and References

Knighthood Talents: click here

Knighthood Skills: archer, knight, mage

Archaeology Rewards Guide: click here

New Knighthood Gear Designs: click here

Fun Post: Where is Yannick?

R2 Forum Information on Patch 5.5: click here

Matched Links from DolyGames Sites / Google

Matched Links from DolyGames Sites / Google


  1. Hello, amazing videos love the channel keep the good work 🙂
    also i was wondering how am i able to play in the test server?

    • Hey thanks 🙂 At the moment the test server is invite only

  2. Archaeology is pretty great, but the rest of this patch is just joke content.

  3. the thing is you dont get the direct ittem just shards witch at some point add up to and ittem

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