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Patch 5.5 Wartune Knighthood Class Designs

Hey guys, in this short post I share with you the Knight, Mage and Archer class designs after the Knighthood upgrade of the patch 5.5 and I add a small poll for you to give your opinion on which design you like the most.


Which Knighthood Class Design you like the most?

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Patch 5.5 Knighthood ARCHER class

Patch 5.5 Knighthood KNIGHT class

Patch 5.5 Knighthood MAGE class

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  1. It’s fashion ? Do you have for boy mage ?

    • no, these are all i have
      it is not fashion i think, i think it is the look that you have if you do hide clothing
      but anyways at present nobody has the full info

  2. unreachable fantasy so far

  3. Why waste time with this when, unless they change the henna system, it will take most of us approximately 1 1/2 years to get the tattoo points to upgrade to knighthood?

    • lol definitely ,free players are doomed to the bones XD

  4. Hi

    What are the Tattoo stats needed for knighthood.

    1) After i attain the Tattoo stats and get knighthood skills and everything can i switch to tattoo stats to what ever i want or i will have to stick to tattoo stats in order to keep skills active.

    Pls answer this

    • hi Ezio, we don’t know for sure yet, but it would be logical that you can switch, because the system would register that you already did the quest, but again, this has not been confirmed yet

      • after we reach the max, could we change the stats of the tatto whenever i want or it will stcuk, for example if i reached 5k stamina, could i use tattooes to switch it to armor endur….? or it will be immpossible?

  5. Hi..

    Just a normal comment, but..
    The requirement for the new adv. Class.. tattoo stats, is very, very, very ridiculous.. I needed a loooooooonng time, without dungeon, couse I no have “adv. henna” to use.. SO, how I, a free player, can play? This fucking game just see the full cashers players.. Sorry for my bad english. =/

    • You are right that it is very difficult right now and if they do not make adjustments it would take 1 to 1.5 years for free players, but I believe that they will start giving more henna out over time, but of course cashers will get it first and some months after the free players; sort of like the Holy Forge happened

  6. You can switch between the two skill sets but yes without “cashing” it will be a fantasy for around 2 years. So it’s pointless, I’m saving all of my henna then when I obtain around 10k I’ll use it for the full effect.

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