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Where is Yannick in Patch 5.5 of Wartune?

Hey guys, when the 5.5 game update was done in Wartune, a lot of people got a bugged quest, Escape, to speak to Yannick, so this short post is to give you info on this:

Want to know who is Yannick?

Here is the explanation by Magical Girl Hana-Chan!^^: The Escape quest is a bug. After a certain patch (around 1 and a half year ago) the start of the game changed. Yannick is a person that appears at the start of the game. All the players that created their character before that certain patch get the quest cause when they started the quest didn’t exist, so they never completed it. All the people that created after that certain patch completed that quest and they don’t have the bug. I must thank 2 of my guildies, Echani and Anubis, for helping me find the cause of the bug (Echani created her character before that patch and has the bug while Anubis after that patch and doesn’t have that bug)

Another place you can speak to Yannick 🙂

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  1. so we must wait an emergency maintenance?

    • well we can be sure they will fix it but there is nothing urgent about a level 10 quest 🙂
      don’t even care if they don’t fix it – it is only annoying visually to have the quest in the quests tab

  2. No he’s on bounty targets =))))

  3. yannick is on guild beast

    • He might be in guild beast, but that doesn’t help anyone as he can’t complete the quest. 😉

  4. Would be good just Yannick to need a fix. Clothing, title for the current clothing set. Thats make 3 – at first sight.

    • Another bug is weeklpy mpd attempts not resetting for some

  5. Omg LOL s52 was cute and tyty for the explanation been driving most of the peeps on my mixed server insane….including me!!

    • I am glad to make you smile and give you the info 🙂

  6. cant see barbarian dress why

  7. Cosmos,this time you added the importmant thing I told you but you wrote it wrong, it is !^^ not ^^! .Also change Ecchani to Echani,my fault this time!^^I thought that her name was Ecchani all this time.Maybe I should apologize for spelling her name wrong all this time.

    • hehe all fixed 🙂

      • You forgot one Echani (in the () (which I don’t know how they are called in english))

      • fixed 🙂 sorry i’m trying to do 1000 things fast 🙂

  8. lol funny 🙂 nice post

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