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Knighthood Talents (ALL CLASSES)

Hey you guys, here are all the details we have on the new Knighthood Talents. Huge thanks to Chilimack, Cyprus/Mago and everyone else that’s contributed the info!

Knighthood Talents

All classes have the same Knighthood Talent options. Fully upgraded “Normal” and “Legendary” talents are required to class advance to Knighthood, and they are kept even though those tabs aren’t available after Knighthood.

Only the first and last levels for each talent are listed; each level goes up in increments of 10%.

Light & Water Resistance

Level 1: Light & Water resistances increased by 10%.
Level 10: Light & Water resistances increased by 100%.

Intensity & Crit

Level 1: Intensity increased by 10%. Crit increased by 10%.
Level 10: Intensity increased by 100%. Crit increased by 100%.

RES Reduction

Level 1: Resist Reduction increased by 10%.
Level 10: Resist Reduction increased by 100%.

Dark & Fire Resistance

Level 1: Dark & Fire resistances increased by 10%.
Level 10: Dark & Fire resistances increased by 100%.

Influence & Penetration

Level 1: Influence increased by 10% and Penetration increased by 10%.
Level 10: Influence and Penetration increased by 100%.

Tenacity & Block

Level 1: Tenacity increased by 10% and Block increased by 10%.
Level 10: Tenacity increased by 100% and Block increased by 100%.

Electro & Wind Resistance

Level 1: Electro & Wind resistances increased by 10%.
Level 10: Electro & Wind resistances increased by 100%.

Knighthood Talent Upgrade Point Cost

Talent levels are obtained through Balen or Bound Balen purchase. They can be reset and assigned like skills and the previous set of talents. Class advancing to Knighthood requires completed “Normal” and “Legendary” talents, and they are maintained even though once advanced you cannot see the tabs anymore.

Update: We have derived the formula for the costs per level and now share with you the full table of costs from level 1 to level 70!

* predicted values. Balens and bound balens can both be used for upgrades.

Knighthood Talents Balen Upgrade Cost Cumulative Cost
From Level 0 to 1 200 200
From Level 1 to 2 600 800
From Level 2 to 3 1,000 1,800
From Level 3 to 4 1,400 3,200
From Level 4 to 5 1,800 5,000
From Level 5 to 6 2,400 7,400
From Level 6 to 7 3,000 10,400
From Level 7 to 8 3,600 14,000
From Level 8 to 9 4,200 18,200
From Level 9 to 10 4,800 23,000
From Level 10 to 11 5,600 28,600
From Level 11 to 12 6,400 35,000
From Level 12 to 13 7,200 42,200
From Level 13 to 14 8,000 50,200
From Level 14 to 15 8,800 59,000
From Level 15 to 16 9,800 68,800
From Level 16 to 17 10,800 79,600
From Level 17 to 18 11,800 91,400
From Level 18 to 19 12,800 104,200
From Level 19 to 20 13,800 118,000
From Level 20 to 21 15,000 133,000
From Level 21 to 22 16,200 149,200
From Level 22 to 23 17,400 166,600
From Level 23 to 24 18,600 185,200
From Level 24 to 25 19,800 205,000
From Level 25 to 26 21,200 226,200
From Level 26 to 27 22,600 248,800
From Level 27 to 28 24,000 272,800
From Level 28 to 29 25,400 298,200
From Level 29 to 30 26,800 325,000
From Level 30 to 31 28,400 353,400
From Level 31 to 32 *30,000 383,400
From Level 32 to 33 *31,600 415,000
From Level 33 to 34 33,200 448,200
From Level 34 to 35 *34,800 483,000
From Level 35 to 36 *36,600 519,600
From Level 36 to 37 38,400 558,000
From Level 37 to 38 *40,200 598,200
From Level 38 to 39 *42,000 640,200
From Level 39 to 40 *43,800 684,000
From Level 40 to 41 *45,800 729,800
From Level 41 to 42 47,800 777,600
From Level 42 to 43 *49,800 827,400
From Level 43 to 44 *51,800 879,200
From Level 44 to 45 53,800 933,000
From Level 45 to 46 *56,000 989,000
From Level 46 to 47 *58,200 1,047,200
From Level 47 to 48 *60,400 1,107,600
From Level 48 to 49 *62,600 1,170,200
From Level 49 to 50 *64,800 1,235,000
From Level 50 to 51 67,200 1,302,200
From Level 51 to 52 *69,600 1,371,800
From Level 52 to 53 *72,000 1,443,800
From Level 53 to 54 *74,400 1,518,200
From Level 54 to 55 *76,800 1,595,000
From Level 55 to 56 *79,400 1,674,400
From Level 56 to 57 *82,000 1,756,400
From Level 57 to 58 *84,600 1,841,000
From Level 58 to 59 *87,200 1,928,200
From Level 59 to 60 *89,800 2,018,000
From Level 60 to 61 *92,600 2,110,600
From Level 61 to 62 *95,400 2,206,000
From Level 62 to 63 *98,200 2,304,200
From Level 63 to 64 *101,000 2,405,200
From Level 64 to 65 *103,800 2,509,000
From Level 65 to 66 *106,800 2,615,800
From Level 66 to 67 *109,800 2,725,600
From Level 67 to 68 *112,800 2,838,400
From Level 68 to 69 *115,800 2,954,200
From Level 69 to 70 *118,800 3,073,000

Total Cost from to Level 70

The total cost for upgrading Knighthood talents fully is a whooping 3,073,000 balens (yes 3+ million)!

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  1. Talent cost behave exactly as
    (20*lv^2 + 300*lv – 100) rounded to 100’s.

    I can send you excel file if like.

  2. I don’t care if they do accept unbound…THEY’RE FCKING MENTAL if they think I’ll waste that many balens (OF ANY TYPE) on these talents.

  3. very nice balens 🙂 when for login need balens ?

    • Ok….i am a free player…my chance to keep up now is ZERO

      • Nice to meet you i’m also from server 3 🙂

  4. 3 milions recharged balens? omg in my country with that money i buy one house (or maybe more than one) in real life lol 🙂

    • in my country i can buy a whole island with that..and i’m speaking truth,nt a joke..

  5. Is this even legal?? 300k USD to get ahead in a flash based game?? Are they trying to close the game up or just showing the finger to us all??

    • why wouldn’t it be?

      No one is forcing any one to pay for or to play the game.

      It would be like saying is it legal to charge 500k us for a car. Lit no one is forced to buy any thing they can or not their choice. And fact is you watch with in one month some one on some server will have maxed it all out.

      Also incase no one has seen the avail rewards in the new archaeology system just in intermediate rewards (non hand book) there are around 12K BBs if yo only collect once while working towards collecting the hand book rewards for BBs just once that are also around 12k. That is 24k BBs for one run through. Then there are over right around 1k more monthly BBs for the 10 day log ins. If it takes one month to collect all that is about 25k BBs
      Then there are mini game game box rewards via nickles 100 nicks for 100 bbs show up often at least twice per week. Taking in to account all the 1000s of nickles avail in the arc rewards the total number of BBs avail is likely around 40 k monthly maybe even greater. This does not take in to account lvl up log in rewards of a couple k BBs each month guild blessing rewards and for mild cashers recharge bonuses.

      I played this game for around 30 months total if any thing today’s war tune is a 100 times more free player friendly than it was when i was forced to leave do to no comp over a year ago. I was a mild casher i spent maybe 100 a month to me very cheap entertainment and i did not have a hope in hell of keeping up with any casher spending even 2x what i did. Today i could with ease.


      • so shortly said: free or mild cashern can get talents maxed out (with a lot of passion and time) ?????

      • oh i meant patience* lol

      • Lol

    • It is actually 30k USD 🙂

    • Right! i could get a small house, a car, and other things of interest, its fucking outrageous, i would be more than happy to spend on a good game, show my support, but this BS?! no way.

    • it actualy 20k dollars (using only bbs) Cause you get 150% bbs for every recharge. so u need to recharge 2M balens to get 3M bbs. If you use balens too It would cost you 12M dollars. But actualy you only realy need 40 points, wich is 900k bbs (6k dollars or 4k using balens and bbs). Still is a ton of money….

  6. Hiya all,
    from my points of view the problem is the adv. henna to reach KnightHood Talents 🙁


  7. LAWL idots fk/

  8. Imho, that’s really out of reality. Those which suddenly have maxed it out, I bet its ppl which have some kind of connection with the game, working for R2 or kabam, or Kongregate, etc, as abit, to force other ppl to also spend. This is usuall procedure in other mmos, as I’ve seen and had friends who use to do it. As long as we have those who keep spending unconditionally, they will keep pushing it. The only way is to ppl keep playing but stop spending completely. That will show we care for the game but not for the greed they have thrown at us.

  9. when they see that none follows becouse of balens cost they will drop every price on talents and rest of new patch ideas…wait and see….

  10. maybe R2 when close game wartune because so stupid to muhs balen for only play free is not everyone rich i want lose money in repeat game the base game nice now more more r2 want money sure continue this ways close soon all leave game for other thing or other game less expensife

  11. Play dota

  12. or maybe the price is so high so no one will max it out and we will see different paths for different playstyle. Stop your incessant need to MAX out everything.

  13. I read old talents are kept, but tabs are invisible? Euhhh only thing that could be kept is holy seal, since all the rest triggers with moves that you won’t have…

  14. Seems to be an attempt to keep money coming in, If you run out of things to spend on no need to do the big spenders events, however i think they just cornered themselves and set the demise of the game into motion. Widening of the gaps of power can cause weaker players to loose interest, these people make up the vast bulk of balenors citizens they drop off no population on servers. On the other hand, should the come up with a way to make things like this and merged sylphs available to low and non cashers down the line, after people have spent this kind of money is just a kick in the face to them, they go, and the funding goes with em, good job R2/Proficiency fat cats.

    • They have done that already, with talent stones and Titan stones.
      You can now upgrade both talents and titans for free.

  15. There’s a reset button on Talents.
    Question: would we need to spend bb for it again – from zero? Or would it be like with Skills?

  16. in the european version its only 50% of the price, but we dont get bound Balens for recharges..

  17. whats the base of all this %-bonus?

    i had 44049 crit without talent, lvl 1 crit bonus = 47437, so its not 10% of whole crit.

    Would be interesting to know what counts for all this bonuses, and what not.

  18. Hi dolly , iam play on legend online brasilian ,Could you tell me a better combination of talent for the advanced class? iam mage But I do not understand much of this

    • before you do anything you should max RES reduction because that makes a huge difference in damage
      after that the costs become too expensive, so need to think really hard based on your resources
      – Cosmos

  19. Hey speaking of Talent using Balen or Bound Balen, what about the Talent Stone? The talent Stone make least cost compare to using Balen/Bound Balen. Right, How many Talent Stone it need for all the level just like you did w/ Smelt Stone in Chart 😛

  20. What is the best Talent Setting for Knight, Archer and Mage.

    • That will depend heavily on your resources that you are able to invest.
      I’d recommend for anyone to prioritize RES Reduction first.
      – COSMOS

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