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Archaeology Rewards Guide

Hey guys, in this Archaeology guide I focus specifically on the rewards of the two important categories and give you my recommendation on the best map to do Archaeology in. I will start by showing you a very clear and comfortable table summary of the rewards from the various maps and finish by recommendation/conclusion:

Resources Category Table by Map

(applies to all)
Autaric Plains Murken Forest Fetid Swamp Deathly Sands Erandel
5m Gold 100 Bound Balens 100k Kyanite 5m Daru 1000 Fang of Fear 500 Crypt Tokens
5m Gold 100 Bound Balens 100k Kyanite 5m Daru 1000 Fang of Fear 500 Crypt Tokens
120 Beast Soul 500 Amethyst 500 Nickel 500 Insignia 500 Nickel 10m Daru
120 Beast Soul 500 Amethyst 500 Nickel 500 Insignia 200k Kyanite 500 Insignia
2000 Fang of Fear 1000 Crypt Tokens 120 Beast Soul 200 Bound Balens

Items Category Table by Map

(applies to all)
(2 options for all items)
Autaric Plains
(2 options for all items)
Murken Forest
(2 options for all items)
Fetid Swamp
(2 options for all items)
Deathly Sands
(2 options for all items)
(2 options for all items)
100 Advanced Sepulcrum 5x Extreme Stamina Potion 5x Bounty Scroll 5x Imperial Seal 200x Whips 100x Sepulcrum
2 x Level 3 HP Divinity Soul 2x Lvl. 3 Fire Resistance Crystal 2x Lvl 5 Luck Stone 50x Fate Stone 2x Lvl 3 HP Gem 2x Lvl 3 HP Diamond
100 Star Sand 2x Expert Coordinate Chest 2x 999 Roses 2x Master Summon Cards 50x Tenacity Mark 50x Bead of Influence
100x Lvl 60 Legendary Stones 100x Lvl 70 Legendary Stone 100x Lvl 80 Legendary Stone 50x Blood of Zeus 40x Mystery Stone 100x Lvl 50 Legendary Stones
1000 Soul Crystals 500x Soul Seal 50x Warpath Crystal 50x Resistance Essence 50x Runestone 50x Mystery Runestone
50 Blue Flame 50x Violet Flame 50x Hellish Flame 5x Fashion Core 50x RES Reduction Ess. 50x Green Flame
50 Vulcan’s Stove 50x Vulcan’s Stithy 50 Vulcan’s Clamp 100x Holy Water 50x Mount Hoof 50x Vulcan’s Hammer
1 Lesser Offering 20x Moon Dust 20x Moon Rock 20x Divinity Stone 100x Mahra 20x Advanced Mahra

Recommendation / Conclusion:

  • If you want mounts from the mount shop do Archaeology only in Murken Forest. Together with the MAP rewards there are 5 possibilities of collecting beast souls.
  • If you want bound balens then I recommend to do Archaeology only in Autaric Plains even thought elsewhere might be slightly more. This is because you will be able to collect also 2x Expert Coordinate Chests from the Items category while you are collecting balens from the Resources category.
  • If you want fang of fear to make purchases in the advanced guild shop then go for Deathly Sands for sure. Here you will also be able to collect the very useful Tenacity Marks.

Those are the 3 main targets that I recommend to players.

Other considerations:

There are also useful items in Erandel in the Items category and we might have to go there for a short time at some point but I believe we have a lot more benefit to first max out the above 3 categories.

There are also a lot of rewards to be collected from the Handbook, but I consider the Handbook to be a distraction with the same reason of working first to max out the main 3 targets.

Need your feedback:

One of the most important aspects is also the speed of collection which is very difficult to estimate at present, so please post in the comments how many days it takes you to fully fill up 1 bar of the rare resources, so we can also compare using the speed of collection. So for example if 200 balens in Autaric is 2 times faster than the 200 balens in Fetid that would be interesting to know for everyone.

Your Opinion on this Wartune Archaeology Guide

I hope you will find my Wartune Archaeology guide useful, but if your opinion might be different – no problem, feel free to share your opinion in the comments below and people can discuss and everyone can benefit.

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  1. I managed to get 2 x (2 X Expert Coordinate Chest) in just 3 Days. So for me those dropped plenty.

    • Got a set on the second day

  2. Just an FYI, you have to exchange the rewards you get from digging in order to get the handbook rewards. Once you exchange it, the item will light up in the handbook.

    On my very first day in DS, I was able to get 1k fang of fears.

    • tnx. was a ? for me.

  3. Achei muito legal.

    • ninguem perguntou nada

      • Pra que tanta ignorância, jovem? :v

  4. You have able to go map that said to do archeology? And get all requirments to get some rewards… I dont really underatands

    Pls.. Explain it easy

    • Go to Wilds.
      Touch the shovel above the magnifying glass.
      Follow the arrow.
      When the circle turns green, press it.
      Change Wilds map every few days for best rewards.

      • I’m just now able to do archaeology and For some reason my shovel is missing, do you know how to get it on my screen?

  5. did Archaeology for only 2 days @ Autaric Plains
    and now i can exchange for 5 lvl40 epics shard
    i have 0exp in bound blanes and coordinate chest
    maybe im unlucky or doing somthing wrong!!

    • Just exchange the rewards as you gain them; they highlight in your Handbook for the better rewards. You do *not* need to hold onto gear shards, or any of the lower rewards, in order to qualify for Handbook rewards.

      I recommend switching maps every day for the best mix of random, *and* Handbook rewards.

  6. Why you don’t highlight clamps? And i doubt anyone need green flame, tons of them from event chests.

  7. if you trade in your nickles from murken forest for bound balens, its more profitable then autaric plains.

  8. i got the 60 lvl legendary stones completed and exchanged, but there is no grouping in the handbook where it can be used, that i could find.

  9. Three days and I got two expert coordinate chests. Very nice, but it takes quite a while to run through the expert dimensions so I will be moving, thx for the suggestions

    • I really improved my expert dimension rewards by moving straight through them to the end using the spending of energy for clues feature. I avoid the fights until finished, then go back (after getting the title) to do fight for mahra and sep etc..

  10. I had 1k fangs on the second day.

  11. I have only been doing murken forest an still haven’t seen a hellish flame

  12. if i had a rewards 3times, and i tok them all, r they going to count 3times in the book or just once?

    • If they’re from the same map, just once.

    • “5. Players will be rewarded once for activating every Archaeological Handbook.”
      They can be redeemed only once

    • “5. Players will be rewarded once for activating every Archaeological Handbook.”
      They can be redeemed only once

  13. Im loving the digs i have around a dozen of the handbook rewards lit with 2x each and have gotten 4k fangs 2x 5m gold 2x 10m daru along with other assorted goodies like 70 lega helm shards armor shards some 80 shards for helm lots of lega stones mostly useless lower lvl stuff but also 70 stones a good helping of star sand etc. Great stuff. It is looking like ill pop allot of handbook rewards in one day as many of the dozen or so 2 item lit ones are between 50% and 90% collected on the missing one but not wanting to give me those last precious few needed to collect lol. So looking like it will be a one day mass reward on all of them probbly before the end of the week

  14. Got 2K Fangs from Murken Forest today sweet need 400 to upgrade in advance guild strength now!

  15. So far i have only farmed murken. My main things i have collected is fang of fears level 3 divinity and good gold amounts. Loads of shards like everywhere else. But if you are looking for fang of fears murken is great. No beast souls so far for me will keep trying.
    S55 mage

    • i get beast soul murkin forest

  16. u can also get fang of fear from murking forest

    • I have been averaging anywhere from 2k to 8k fang of fear a day from Murken Forest.

  17. sorry but u dont talk about a lot of important true ask :

    when ur archeology lvl lvl up u can find new item

    if u go to player house u can see item they have find by complete the list of 3 items needs in handbooks (not when camp fire started ofc)

    i go to other players house,
    for all server u see all time 5 or 6 same items
    why ?
    because u cant complete other quest of handbook now,
    u need first lvl up ur archeology lvl for find new items

    other ask u should try answer is :
    if u lvl up ur archeology lvl do u find reward more quickly ? the gauge was full more fast ?

  18. Hi, I am level 61 now and still haven’t been able to get into Archaeology. There is no shovel appearing above the magnifying glass and when I click on Wilds, then Archaeology, there is nothing I can do. Please help

    • I guess try contacting game support

  19. COSMOS can we please get the tables in an excel file please?

  20. why not an update?

    • update of what? they have not chnaged Archaeology

      • 99 roses instead of 999. don’t know if anything else changed cause I never leave plains, lol

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