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Magic Square Tip vs High Level Mobs

Hey guys, this is a short tip for lower BR players (especially Knight Class) or slower killing players fighting High Level Mobs in Wartune’s Magic Square.

Magic Square dungeon/feature is special in the way that you always fight 2 mobs per battle and as their level increases they get tougher and start hitting really hard. The second special issue is that time is important so killing faster does make a difference.

The reason I wrote “especially for Knight Class” is because Archers and Mages have an easily accessible AOE.

So the tip is to do a fast attack + Chaos Rune which both take place before the first attack of the mob.

What this does on lower levels

On lower levels this allows to hit 1 mobs with the normal attack and the other with the Chaos attack allowing you to clear the mobs fast. If you are a Mage or an Archer use your fast AOE until it does not kill the mobs and then add the Chaos Rune.

What this does vs. High Level Mobs

When fighting high level mobs even my AOE attack at 11m+ BR removes only about 20% of their life, but placing the Chaos Rune gives an additional 50% chance that the mob will hit his friend and more than their toughness their attack is increased hugely so they end up doing pretty big damage which allows you to either clear faster or actually win in a losing fight.

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  1. wow thank you very much for the tip
    you rock ♥ ♥

    • thanks 🙂

  2. I am a knight with 15kk BR. I use single attack + amnesia rune to clear them in 1st turn. Works well 😀

    • Nice 🙂
      i’d switch from Amnesia to Chaos though

  3. wow thanks

    • 😛

  4. Off topic: i have 70k fang of fears what should i buy with them?

    • Visit Advanced Guild Shop every day, buy 2000 (limit) developing potions (until maxed) + 50 x 2 items for KH equipment (until maxed) + 5 Expert dimension coordinates (until have many)

  5. 18 mil br, 1 hit KO most of them. Only after max points, we starting to get in trubble. Then we 2 hit KO them.

  6. but are you sure that now we can chaos the mobs? before we could not do it.

    • yes i am sure, this is a picture from my yesterday’s run
      – Cosmos
      P.S. i don’t remember a time when we could not chaos mobs

  7. Hmm I actually already did this myself from the first time I did this dungeon
    (though mainly to do an extra hit inbetween turns, but turned out it worked, so it was nice)

    • good but maybe you did not share for others to benefit 🙂

  8. I see this picture to play. //

  9. For mages: rage rune+then big aoe attack while your oracle casts damn and blood demon casts attack buff. With combo of attack buff and damn, you should kill most mobs with one shot, or sometimes a second aoe to finish it off (I’m 11.5m br).

  10. thanks for the tip, didnt think of it myself, i used rage rune to build up 80 rage.. oracle takes away the mobs till lvl 5, after that it took me a bit more time then the archers or mage’s.

    • glad it helped you 🙂

  11. Stop using so much word ‘pretty’. Thank you.

    • That word is used 1 time in the article; seems like you are confused.
      – Cosmos

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