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Level 11 Gem Synthesis Tip / Analysis

Hey everyone! In this short post I share with you a Gem Synthesis tip sent to me by Nuno (thanks!). This shows you that you don’t need so much in order to achieve a synthesis of a level 11 gem. Therefore this post is especially useful for anyone who does not have the complete 38 level 11 gems already. Otherwise it is useful to all players for getting event chest rewards in Gem Synthesis Hot Event.

Note to critics: this is not supposed to be a comprehensive guide on gems – it is simply a specific tip / info on level 11 Gem Synthesis.

Level 11 HP Gem icon Wartune

Level 11 Gem Synthesis Requirements Tip/Info

Here is a tip to get Level 11 gem once per event without wasting many gems. What you need to have/prepare before the Gem Synthesis event starts is:

  • Level 5 = 12 pieces / items needed
  • Level 6 = 6 pieces / items needed
  • Level 7 = 3 pieces / items needed

Your synthesis sequence:

Day 1:

  • Day one of the event you use the 3 x level 7 gems to make 1 x level 8 gem and the event gives +1 level 8 = you now have 2 x level 8 gems.
  • Day one of the event you use 4 of the 6 level 6 gems and you will get 1 level 7 gem and the event will give you +1 level 7 = you now have 2 x level 7 gems.
  • Day one use 4 x level 5 gems to make 1 level 6 gem and with the event you will get +1 level 6 gem. Because you used 4 gems to create a level 7 you will now have 4 x level 6 gems.
  • The minimum  level 5 you need is 12 but everyone has many level 5 right now and there is no reward for them so I do say much about them.

So at the end of Day 1 you have:

  • 2 level 8
  • 2 level 7
  • 4 level 6

Then on Day 2:

  • You make another level 6 + 1 free = 6 level 6 of which you use 4 to make 1 level 7 leaving you with 2 level 6 gems.
  • 2 new level 7 + 2 that you had is 4 level 7. You use 3 of these to make 1 level 8 + 1 free = 1 level 7 gem left.
  • 2 new level 8 + 2 that you had is 4 level 8. You use 3 of these to make 1 level 9 + 1 free = 1 level 8 gem left.
  • 2 new level 9 + none before.

Finally you finish everything on Day 3 where you synthesize all the remaining gems from the bottom up, which concludes with you having 2 level 11 gems!


 Level of Gems # of Gems you need for this before the event Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
Level 5 gem synthesis 12 8 4 0
Level 6 gem synthesis 6 4 2 0
Level 7 gem synthesis 3 2 1 0
Level 8 gem synthesis 0 2 1 0
Level 9 gem synthesis 0 0 2 1
Level 10 gem synthesis 0 0 0 2
Level 11 gem synthesis 0 0 0 2


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  1. Ty for help. Normaly, I can to do 4 gems lvl 11.

  2. And, how can I make 6 lvl 11?

  3. An analysis of level 12 gems would be cool please – i am struggling with what to make

    • There is no event for level 12 gem.

  4. i want lvl 13 gems …. itst ie now 7roads …. do it do it !!

  5. ty cosmos but analysis for resist crystals is much awaited

  6. Thanks Nuno for the great info, and thanks cosmos for relaying it to us 🙂

    • Kind of you 🙂
      I also thanked him 🙂
      – COSMOS

  7. What kind of Analysis is that? lol

    Thats just Basics in using brain. If you cant do this u should stop playing this game… you must be one of the 10m BR ppl then, who think they are heroes.

    much warm air for nothing… and ofc want to get money….bloody pop up

    curious why you are better than R2… they didnt hid that they want our Money, you came out later and used R2 for your interests.

    • 1) Just because you are a self loving arrogant person does not give you the right to insult a kind person who tried to help people and does not mean that this was not an analysis or that it did not help people which it clearly did according to the positive reactions and gratitude of people.

      2) Absolutely nothing in Wartune requires us to be a rocket scientist, so according to your arrogance there should be no blogs on the internet, no video guides and nobody helping anyone. While you are free to continue practicing your self love, your opinion is only YOUR opinion and not the opinion of the majority who appreciate and enjoy all the work done.

      3) There are absolutely no pop up advertisements on this blog. There is one newsletter window which appears on the bottom left 1 time per day, which is 100% free and a free service to people to notify them of posted articles. There are no ads in the newsletter and I earn absolutely nothing for that service. But even if I did, there would be absolutely nothing wrong with it.

      4) I did not “come out later” in anything and I have not used anyone, especially the scum R2, who takes all the profits of my work for ~5 years now and has never supported me. You have no fking idea what you are talking about, but that’s normal as you are clearly a self loving arrogant prick who has no knowledge of facts and just loves announcing his idiocy to the public thinking that you are all that which you are not.

      In conclusion, you are more then welcome to fk off and never visit this blog as nobody is interested in having any communication or relationship with an aggressive self loving arrogant idiot such as you are.

      Normal people have a look at what is posted, they read if it interests them and don’t read if it does not. They might ask a kind question or offer kind feedback or move on to read another article or watch another video which is more to their interest.

      As I always suggest to corrupted people like you, find back your heart so that you can be a human that you are supposed to be as your current behavior is not human; approach people with kindness and respect.

      – COSMOS

      • To all the morons leaving comments like this idiot: if you don’t like a particular article, shut the fuck up and let those who do want it enjoy it.

        I don’t like every entry, and like this one is not at all useful to me, but that doesn’t give me the right to crap all over it.

        Oh and by the way… fuck you.

  8. language getting nasty on here 🙁

  9. very nice cosmos… that how you and your friends deal with, if its not matching your opinion. gratz!
    why so aggressive? cause i am right?

    and cause many not see what you really do here.. they start to talk like you do. thats all what they can learn here.

    if you cant deal with posts like mine then i am right here….

    free world, i am free to say that this here is most useless stuff just to make mr. cosmos look great… most useless are the bloody videos where he blabbering around without sense…
    and ofc you dont want money…. great joke!

    • 1) “Free world”, which it is not, does not mean you have the right to insult people. You do have the right to say politely and respectfully that you do not like something which would be 100% OK, but when you are insulting people that is a totally different story.

      2) Why aggressive reply to your insulting and aggressive behavior? Because dirty people like you freely run around the internet hiding your name and insult honest people. Your behavior is absolutely disgusting.

      3) Who said I don’t want money? I have never written such a thing anywhere. You clearly have psychological problems.

      4) Nobody is matching opinions. Normal kind people think like me which is why you got the same reaction from others. The problem is your rude and aggressive behavior – not the other people who you are insulting.

      5) Everyone knows very well what I do. They do not require an uneducated dirty person like you to educate them.

      Now buzz. Go fix yourself and become a kind person or go hang out with other dirty people.

      – COSMOS

    • Freedom stops where others get offended.

      Your “freedom of speech” is offending others but somehow you see this as a “right to have and practice”.

      Has it occured to you that Cosmos needs the money to run this site? You know, the site where you are posting your BS on? He isn’t running this site so idiots like you have an platform to preach their BS.

      No, this platform is ment to help out other players in wich he does a pretty damn good job.

  10. the problem of this tip is to have 12*lvl5, 6*lvl6 and 3*lvl7 gems you need another gem event 🙂

    • If you do your daily blitzes and pick up all the various free rewards it is no problem to collect those gems 🙂
      Especially if you also do Speed Clearance daily.

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