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SPEED Tactics / Strategy for Magic Square

Hey everyone! In this article I share with you Speed Tactics to complete Magic Square faster. Doing these things will make your party more efficient and theoretically will increase the chances to collect extra chests. This is especially useful for Knights who do not have an easily accessible AOE and for players with lower rage.

10 Speedy Efficiency Tips / Strategy for Magic Square

(1) Chaos Rune Method

Simple rage gathering attack + Chaos Rune will hit 2 enemies in Turn 1 clearing to victory fast. This works better in the beginning when you can 1 shot the monsters, but if higher level monsters are harder for you this becomes less efficient. Note: Amnesia or Mire runes will work also.


(2) Sylph Awakening Priority

When your Awakening points are ready, in most cases, it is better to awaken your sylph to achieve victory. The reason is because the Awaken attack is very fast and is an AOE. Use this rather than your AOE even if you have Rage available. Remember that using runes in Sylph mode will not give you rage.

(3) Awakening Titan Method

You can combine your regular attacks or the Method 1 above with an Iron Will Titan set in slot 1 of Titans. This will activate the Titan right after your first action which will guarantee you a free sylph awakening attack in your next battle. This setup (ATK + Titan + Rune) is possible to accomplish in Turn 1 if you don’t lag.

(4) Plan for Future Battles (Rage)

Always use only your simple rage gathering attack if you don’t have an AOE. In Magic Square the rage builds up and is saved for future battles. Doing this will allow you to guarantee an AOE in your next or 2nd next battle.

(5) Use an AOE Sylph

Even if your awakening kills mobs use a sylph which has an immediately available AOE attack such as Dark or Light. This is because as monsters get stronger your basic awakening might not kill them so you will have a ready AOE to finish the job.

(6) Use Damnation / AOE Eudaemons

I use 2 Battle Oracles with Damnation only. This guarantees that I win, worst case, on Turn 2. But any AOE Eudaemon skill will work to finish off the mobs if your Turn 1 attack sequence fails.

(7) Fire Power

Fire power for me is as important as Magic Chests. Don’t focus only on chests but also gather Fire Power. Each one will give you 1 minute buff, so gather this depending on the time left. For example, if you already have 2 Fire Powers and there are 3 minutes left then there is no need to get more.

(8) Rest for the Weak

Kindly tell your weak BR party members:

  1. Do not attack near the end of 17 pattern. This is because they take too long to finish the battle while everyone sits and waits to attack the central tile.
  2. Pick on lower level mobs only during the extra chest collection period. Similar reason as above. It is a waste to have a high BR fighting a level 1 mob, so the low BR can do that while the high BRs clean up the tough monsters.

(9) Central Tile

Ideally the central tile should be hit by the person who can clear it the fastest. This is either a high BR or a 1 turn cleaning AOE player. A player who cannot 1 shot kill this tile should ideally not attack it.

(10) Shout “CHEST”

If your party is efficient you will clear the “normal” part of the Magic Square with up to 8 minutes left. These are very boring minutes of sitting watching the board for a possible chest appearance. Often players sort of fall asleep or chat with others, etc, which loses their focus on the board. So when you see a chest appear (ideally the leader) shout CHEST with capital letters in your chat to wake up the “sleepy” players.

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  1. when we got the middle buff, not sure if its the water or wind one, but it gives more points for certain time, i set this one in, when we do the squares for fifth time, then just before attacking the last one (middle), that gives enough points to max it, dont have to do the sixth lvl then, and can start getting the extra chests.

    • Same here 😀

    • green buff one, and can stack with blue one, when active and use blue one it give +600 point istead of +400

    • Its the green power, also there is another tip if u have green and blue buff, activate green and right next the blue one and ull get the percentage up on that one also along with the 17 squares clear. I think the names of buffs are messed up green is water and blue is wind wich doesnt make sense acording to res gems and wind/water sylphs

      also lowest br on party should be the leader, that way the high br ones dont have to worry on activating bufss and just focus on clearing the squares

  2. I never do 6th round clear anymore. Just start on chests if there. Unless you are small it is enough

  3. After obtaining 24,000 points, we usually attack as many squares as possible without clearing any. That way any bonus chests that spawn can be collected almost immediately by clearing only one square.

    • That can work but I see 2 possible issues with it:
      1) Other items spawn and block the few leftover boxes.
      2) Party members inside unimportant battles when chests show up (especially in last minutes).
      So far my team is using the rapid strike method of hitting 4 squares the moment a chest shows up, but I will ask them if they want to try out your method to test it out.
      – Cosmos

    • You have a point, I never thought about chests possibly not spawning on top of the other power-ups.
      With one minute left until it’s over, we slow down and save battles for when they’re needed though.

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