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Event Chests Amounts and Preparation Analysis

Hey everyone! In this article we delve into calculations/analysis on collecting event chests in Wartune and various tips / preparations / planning for better results. Shout-out / thanks to Ezio S47 for emailing me a doc and discussions.

  1. We will start by covering the amounts of chests.
  2. Then we will go into various requirements.
  3. And finally we will finish with preparation and planning advice / tips and “Other Income Considerations”

1) Event Chest Quantities

Here we are focusing on several popular events (not all). These events usually run for a duration of 3 days and are achievable by all players, cashers or free players (with good planning). For event designs please refer to my various event articles under the upcoming events category.

Event Name Chests x Days Total Chests
Holy Forge 192 chests x 3 days 576
Refine Mount 25 chests x 3 days 75
Mount Training 49 chests x 3 days 147
Sylph Enchanting (Adv. Sepulcrum) 137 chests x 3 days 411
Sylph Enchanting (Normal Sepulcrums) 89 chests x 3 days 267
Sylph Upgrade (Normal Mahra) 89 chests x 3 days 267
TOTAL (Maximum)

So with the Holy Forge cycle which finished yesterday and the sylph events cycle which started today, if we take these 6 main events we arrive to a whooping 1743 event chests (of course if everything is done to the maximum which is not easy or impossible without planning).

2) Upgrade / Refine / Merge Requirements

I already posted all this information in this article from March, but to extract from there for our comfort here:

Merging Orange Tier 3 Sylph

  • 60k balens or Fusion Spirit
  • 500 Sun Cores
  • 500 Blasts of Sun
  • 300 of appropriate Emblems (500 if Dark)

Merging Red Tier 4 Sylph

  • 60k balens or Fusion Spirit
  • 1000 Sun Cores
  • 1000 Blasts of Sun
  • 500 of appropriate Emblems (750 if Dark)

Refining Tier 3 to Tier 4

  • 5000 Moon Dust
  • 5000 Moon Rock
  • 750 of appropriate Emblems (1000 if Dark)

Relevant Exchanges:

Exchange Chest x10 to receive: 100 Moon Dust  or 100 Moon Rock

Exchange Chest x80 to receive: 100 Sun Core  or 100 Blast of Sun

Exchange Chest x100 to receive: 100 Emblem of Fire & Electro  or 100 Wind & Water Emblem  or 100 Light & Dark Emblem


Forgetting for a moment any other source of these items, if we were to get these only via this exchange then we would need:

Chests For Merging Orange Tier 3 Sylph

  • 400 event chests for 500 Sun Cores
  • 400 event chests for 500 Blasts of Sun
  • 300 event chests for 300 of appropriate Emblems (500 if Dark)
  • TOTAL = 1100 event chests = possible to gather in one event cycle (~1 month)

Chests For Merging Red Tier 4 Sylph

  • 800 event chests for 1000 Sun Cores
  • 800 event chests for 1000 Blasts of Sun
  • 500-800 event chests for 500 of appropriate Emblems (750 if Dark)
  • TOTAL = 2100-2400 event chests = possible to gather in 2 event cycles (~2 months)

Chests For Refining Tier 3 to Tier 4

  • 500 event chests for 5000 Moon Dusts
  • 500 event chests for 5000 Moon Rocks
  • 800-1000 event chests for 750 of appropriate Emblems (1000 if Dark)
  • TOTAL = 1800-2000 event chests = possible to gather in 2 event cycles (~2 months)

Preparation / Planning for Maximum Rewards / Chests collection

Selective Participation

Probably the biggest impact for less-uber-active players is selective participation. That is completely skipping events until you fall into the cycle which interests you the most. For example if you are only interested in clothing shards then you should not use your resources during the Beast Soul Exchange cycle. Or if you are interested in Sylph items for refining or merging then you should skip all other event cycles and keep all your resources for this Sylph events cycle.

Holy Forge

You will need a lot of gold, equipment to forge and naturally Vulcan items.

Save all your gold by buying farm animals. Don’t use it on anything else unless you have sufficient amount saved up. You will need about 1.3 billion gold for the 1000 Holy Forges on orange equipment. So if you want to do this for 3 days you will need 3.9 billion gold (have a bit more to be safe).

For the equipment you will need all the materials. You can get these easily by a combination of 2 actions: Archaeology on the relevant Map and running daily dungeons for the relevant items. You will need to balance your income of level 70 and level 80 legendary stones to make sure you have both in sufficient quantities.

For Archaeology check this rewards reference guide.

For MPDs, it’s going to be a mix of Nirvana or Lych’s Lair depending on which Map you chose for Archaeology.

Sepulcrums & Mahra

Regular Sepulcrums & Mahra should be no problem at all for everyone. They are not plentifully available in the game (unlike in the past). You can get large amounts from multiple sources including Rave Events. I am flooded with them and I don’t even try:

Advanced Sepulcrums

Also much more accessible at present compared to the past. A popular method still remains in cooking a Tier 3 sylph and sacrificing it for up to 2000 Advanced Sepulcrums (Note: ignore the stupid text in the note):

Advanced Mahra

These remain the hardest of the 4, but are nowadays also much more accessible whereas in the past they would be nearly impossible to get for free players. But cashers are also flooded with these, so it is only a problem for non-cashers.

However, as cashers pump up their sylphs then everyone can use the strongest sylph on the server to go up in Expedition levels where you start earning Advanced Mahra daily as of level 50. Here is my daily rewards for blitzing 58 stages / levels of Sylph Expedition:

Mount Related Events

These are the easiest by far. If you do Magic Square and DI weekly you should be flooded with the resources needed (whips / hoofs), so there is no special advice. The only important point with these is having sufficient room for using whips and having mounts for using hoofs. This is also in your control and not “game’s fault”. If you greedily use up everything during other events and max out all your Stables then you will have no room for important events. So practice the 1st point I wrote above called “Selective Participation” and, in the meantime, gather Beast Souls or do activities to earn more mounts.

Other Income Considerations

You can also shorten the time required or the event chests’ usage by getting resources from other sources. These include:


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And if you have any additional tips on these Wartune events/calculations/planning to share with everyone so that we all can benefit from helping one another please post in the comments below.

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  1. nice information, done this a few times not only with sylph event, but also when we have chrystal event, then hf even is in second half of event week to get more adv henna. doing 3x 1k hf event gives a lot of boxes.

  2. Love the info cosmos!! 🙂 thank you as always. One small question. Do you think there would ever be an advanced mahra event? Maybe a dumb question but i have only just returned as of a few weeks ago. I did manage to maximise most eents less forge but was just curious before i blew through all my advanced mahras. Thanks again for all the hard work. Cheers!

    • Hi goofy232, thanks for appreciating my work.
      No there was never such an event and they never showed any sign of planning or paying for the programming to create such an event.
      Cheers, Cosmos

  3. Assuming you do a minimum of dimensions and/or archaeology, concentrate on rocks/sand and emblems.

    You gain the same number of sun blast/core as you do moon items, but you need 5000 moon vs. 1000 sun. Emblems though, come exclusively from events, so that requires exchanges or EXTREME patience

    • I meant to say “gain the same sun and moon from both Magic Inn and the time online gift”

  4. Hi

    Thanks cosmos making it live….i am glad i could help every 1….Hope its help full to very 1…here are some Achievement i made out free from events
    1) Freya (During Exchange event for free) Made it to frigga in current event.

    2) Loki (During Exchange Event purchased 200 chests) ready to cook it to odin…will have enough materil to make it to odin in current event.

    3) Thor red will be merged (Fusion core free from exchange for fusion chi) will be next event coz my fire sylph is not red…i am sure next event i will make it red.

    Thank You all

    S47 Kabam

    • Very nice achievements indeed – congrats 🙂
      And thanks for sharing 🙂
      Cheers, Cosmos

  5. Niceee. My sylph is still not too strong for expedition, somy main source of adv. mahra is inn, thank you guys for pointing that out

  6. Also, I learned something…I had no idea that Tier 3 Sylphs would recycle into Adv. Sepulcrum. Because of that, I had been ignoring Sky Trail and had disposed of all the “useless” stuff it provided.


  7. One thing to add, 70 legend stones can be gathered in the guild shop for way too much gold, so not too useful. If anyone is like me and have way too many fangs of fear, you can get 50 lvl 80 stones daily for 1000 of those. Then i run lychs lair nightmare for the 70 stones and don’t have an issue when holy forge event comes around. (i usually only hit 1 day for 1000 times though…)

    • Ezio S47

      2 days back my forge event was

      1) 8 lvl 80 orange equipment – 0 to max star levels

      2) between 4 to 5 bil gold

      3) 2 days full 1k times forging and 3rd day 600 times forging….just stopped at 600 coz i woudin’t make it to 1k

      what i do for equipment….

      get lvl 70 legendary stones form archeology and lvl 80 from MPD.

  8. Hey cosmos. Mind to do some kind of guide to reaching such a High level in sylph expedition?

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