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Fusion Spirit, Fusion Chi & Sylph Merge Costs

Hey guys, here is info on Fusion Spirit effects, Fusion Chi gathering and Sylph merging costs for reference.

Fusion Spirit Effects

So the effect of the Fusion Spirit is the following: 1 Fusion Spirit will offset 60k bb, that is, it pays the full balen or bound balen cost of sylph merging except the additional materials which you must gather yourself.

Fusion Spirit icon Wartune

Fusion Chi, Fun Coins @ Rave Event

As players can see it will be rather difficult to accumulate sufficient Fusion Chi from the current Rave event, but the good news is that we are told Fusion Chi can be saved for later, so players can keep on accumulating it over various Rave Events. Naturally this looks like a long process for light or non-cashers unless they give out more Fusion Chi.

Fusion Chi icon Wartune Patch 6.5

Fun Coins might be possible to keep also, but I have not seen a confirmation if they be saved. Please post in the comments if you see or receive a clear confirmation.

Fun Coin icon Wartune Patch 6.5

Sylph Merge Costs

Orange rarity merging costs

  • 60,000 balens (bound works) Bound Balen icon Wartune
  • 500 Sun Core Sun Core icon Wartune
  • 500 Blast of Sun Blast of Sun icon Wartune
  • 300 Emblems of the appropriate type, e.g. Emblem of Fire & Electro icon Wartune

Orange sylph merge costs 14 Mar 2017

Red rarity merging costs


  • 60,000 balens (bound works) Bound Balen icon Wartune
  • 1000 Sun Core Sun Core icon Wartune
  • 1000 Blast of Sun Blast of Sun icon Wartune
  • 750 Emblems of the appropriate type, e.g. Light & Dark Emblem icon Wartune


Red sylph merge costs 14 Mar 2017

Upgrading or Refining from Orange Merge to Red Merge

  • 5000 Moon Dust Wartune Events 21 Dec 2015
  • 5000 Moon Rock Wartune Events 21 Dec 2015
  • 750 Emblems of the appropriate type, e.g. Wind & Water Emblem icon Wartune

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  1. if its really true with the offset 60k balens then cool =) but hard to get … oloong collectin time for get in thank u for that info =)

    • you are welcome seppl

      • Hi you can merge orange venus/ hecate in odin? i have all material but just orange venus/hecate … i can merge??

      • orange for orange (Loki), red for red (Odin)

  2. It seems like a pretty safe bet to use all your fun coins now. The points almost have to carry over, given that you can’t even come close to reaching the higher reward limits for individual points (and only the biggest, most active guilds/servers can get more than a couple levels).

    I’m relieved that fusion spirits will cover the full cost, but frustrated that merged sylphs have been around for nearly 2 years and it’s still going to be months to get there. I haven’t even made a single red sylph either, so I’ll have to go for a tyre or freya, then evolve that.

    • I would highly doubt that the points will carry over to future raves, they design events to only be maxxed out with great difficulty, they aren’t designing them so a guild with 20 semi active players can get all rewards.

      I only do vip but The individual point can be got by someone recharging and then spend $500. Personally I’ll probably use 100 of the fun coins to get 1000 points and save the rest since I do expect them to be usable in future. You need 6000 points before you start getting a better return which will probably take 4 months to get for non cashers or vip only players, it seems better to me to get the orbs I can now and benefit from them rather than wait 4 months for a small improvement or 5 to 6 months for a larger one and probably miss out on a holy sword in the meantime.

      The guild and server points also seem reachable for the top active guilds and servers. looking at the ranking one already has maxxed out server rewards in are fairly small cross server section, another 2 look likely to do so and even my server which certainly doesn’t feel very active and is currently on 125k may be able to reach it, guild server points for our server look unlikely, mainly because we have 2 guilds, both with around 40k, if we had a single guild we could make it and as I said or server isn’t particularly active and should be due a merge sometime soon.

      • Oops, I missed the fact that recharges give points at 10 per $1, so it’s quite possible to max the individual points by doing the $100/day event. And I thought there were a few higher reward levels, but it does end at level 5, so probably points will reset, you’re correct.

    • Its how they always do the stuff, new stuff can only get via cashing at start then they make easier been like that from start i remember when dark and light sylphs first come out and how hard was to get one now both easy to get lol

      • Sure, but fusion sylphs have been available for major spenders for 1.5-2 years now, and for moderate spenders for a shorter time (whenever they started allowing bbs to do the merge). This new feature exists to give non-spenders a path to fusion, so I feel justified by my frustration that this is a further delay to an already long wait.

      • I got 135 fusion spirits and I lost few rewards so for non cashers s max 200 for 1 event if rave event comes every 2/3 weeks it s possible to recieve merged sylph for 3/4 months it s fine this update s pretty cool 🙂

  3. if we can save fusion chi, one time everybody will have merge sylph. So that’s so good

  4. the best notice thanks wartune

  5. Aye what is the use the non spender might not get there but the spenders got a chance it will be hard for the non spenders to get tha.

  6. Looking at the requirements to get the 1000 Chi you really need to spend more than 60K during the event, so it really needs to be a multi-event to be worthwhile for most people.

  7. i love this news on the fusion spirit and the Chi. My question is if you upgrade an an orange merge does it go to red straight away? I have a tyre now and almost have all the material to make a thor just wanted to know this or will I need the adv mahra and seps after i make thor.

    • heya roadie …long time no see …and tyre ..when make thor he will orange..and you’ll have to use around 22k adv mahra to get him red ..nice to see you agian btw xD ddb/tatt2

  8. so basically if i have a fusion spirit i dont have to spend 60k bound balens?

    • yes

  9. Can you provide the details of where it’s confirmed that the Rave event will return along with Fusion Chi/Spirit?

  10. Hi, just one update needed regarding Orange Sylph Merging Costs:

    Dark/Light sylphs require 500 emblems. Wind/Water and Fire/Elect require 300.

    Thanks for the reference guide!

    • Thank you

    • What about the requirement to refine light/dark sylph aka Loki to Odin is it 5000 moon dust and 5000 moon rock + 750 emblems or 1000 emblems ?

  11. Once I get fusion spirit, I can use to make *either* a loki *or* an odin. Which will use fewer adv mahra afterwards to turn into a maxed odin? Is there a chart comparing needed adv mahra here?

    • i think going for Tier 2 might be cheaper but the problem is that non-cashers and light cashers cannot afford to wait many months more to collect items to do that, because every week you lose rewards, so if you are far away from Tier 2 then you are “forced” to go for Tier 1, which is also why I will go for Loki
      then after that you can again collect items for a 2nd merge at a later timing
      – Cosmos
      P.S. the adv. mahra you will have to pay in any case to go from orange to red either before or after (but i admit i do not have exact figures)

      • question, would loki>odin cost twice as much adv mahra to level up to red? or does it have the same cost as leveling up a hecate for example. because if its not twice as much, having to do both hecate and venus would cost a lot more adv mahra

      • Many (including me) have a non-fused red sylph. We’ve already put all adv mahra into that sylph. Mine is a maxed Venus – BR 324k. So my original question comes down to a comparison of adv mahra needed between maxing an orange soph fused vs. maxing a second matching non-fused, then fusing. Hmmm…

      • Hadn’t considered the opportunity costs of waiting. Good to consider. ty
        p.s. Making a chart. 🙂

      • to make loki>odin, its 500 sun core, 500 blast of sun, 500 light/dark emblems, for loki, to evolve it, 5000 moon rock, 5000 moon dust, and 1000 light/dark emblems. assuming you have none of those, the total cost to exchange for everything would require 3300 hot event chests. to make red odin, its 1000 blast of sun, 1000 sun core, 750 light dark emblems, or a total of 2350 chests (might need to round up to 2400 since you trade 100 for 100.) and 175 chests to exchange for the materials for hecate or venus, if you only have athena and hera. so add 350 chests for 2700 (or 2750 if you needed to round up) that leaves a 600 (or 550) chest difference. for the cost of twice as much adv mahra (even if you have a red venus, you might want to keep it since time portal requires 3 sylphs) so for odin its 600 chests (during the mahra/sep events)or tatt2 earlier quoted about 22k adv mahra to make a sylph red. It would be a bigger chest difference if you already have a venus and hecate you are willing to sacrifice. and any materials you already own help, but eventually we will probably want 1 of each, or at least 3 good sylphs for toon and both eudas. of course eventually we may not need as much adv mahra.

      • Hello! Can i ask you? If can a bonus 60k sylph merge?

      • Hello, HoneY.
        Any Merge Sylph like Frigga/Freya or Thor/Trye or Odin/Loki. All can still merge using 60,000 (60k) Balen or Bound Balen to merge – still work. Now there a New Item call “Fusion Spirit” from this event, here this item interesting is to save paying any Balen or Bound Balen mean you save 60k by just using that item. But still need the Required Materials before using Fusion Spirit of course.

    • Well making Loki and then refininng it to odin will consume fewer adv mahra

      • yes indeed but a lot more moon rocks/dust/emblems
        so each person has to pick which resources they prefer to use
        – Cosmos

  12. So got a fusion spirit and used it – now I notice that the option to get another is not there (greyed out, no number). Do you know if the fusion spirit is going to be 1 per player, which this seems to suggest?

    • Hi, i do not know at present, would you be able to send me a screenshot so I can share it with everyone? (my email is cosmos at dolygames dot com)
      Thanks, Cosmos

      • it could be 1 per event (which is quite common) so if its still doesn’t let you get another next event… it would be good to know

  13. I have saved fun coins.

  14. Hello everyone, im having some doubts and been looking at the guides but the info i found is from 2015 and would like to know if there are any new changes.

    My doubt is about Merged sylphs skils, the costs, also from what im the guide from 2015 fire+electro skills couldnt be aquired with bound balens, how is now?
    can guide an update info on merged sylphs skills if there is any please?

    thanks in advance

    • You can buy the skills for merged sylphs with bound balens.

  15. To merge dark/light at orange rarity costs 500 emblems. Emblem costs are higher than fire/elect and water/wind

  16. On the fun coins they can be saved for future raves so noncashers can save to get good Ind rewards or use 100 for the ranking rewards and then save the rest depending on which they think is better.

  17. And I read some people think the points carry over they do not from the last raves we have had , that is why u can save fun coins to get good stuff later on in future raves. I for instance use 100 to get rank rewards and then save the rest for future raves.

  18. 60,000 balens? Get bent. That’s a slap in the face. It’s a friggin insult. For 60k balens, do you know what I could buy? Over 3 and a half years of World of Warcraft subscriptions.. A brand new computer… 6 brand new next gen video games…

    But you expect me to spend all that on one small part of one game? Naw, no way. Forget it.
    And save the “you can use bound” argument. No way are you getting 60k bound balens without spending crap tons of real balens.
    Most friggin ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. -_-

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