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Clothing Refinement Event Analysis

Hey everyone! In this article I share the calculation / analysis for Wartune’s Clothing Refinement Event to help clearly understand returns and rewards.

We start by presenting the event data:

This is a Daily Event which has had a duration of 3 days since it was launched. DESC = During the event, use Clothing Refinement Stones to receive rewards.

Table #1: Event Design / Config

Task Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3 Cumulative
Stones Used Event Chest Clothing Refinement Stones Gold /m #1 or #2
30 3 3 0.5 3
80 8 8 1 11
150 15 15 2 26
200 20 20 5 46
350 35 35 5 81

Next, we can use the gained Event Chests by exchanging them as follows:

Hot Events Exchange #1:

  • 1 Event Chest = 10 Event Mini Items
  • 81 Event Chest = 810 Event Mini Items
  • 1 Event Chest = ~1.34 Clothing Refinement Stones

Hot Events Exchange #2:

  • 15 Event Mini Items = 2 Clothing Refinement Stones
  • 810 Event Mini Items = 108 Clothing Refinement Stones
  • 7.5 Event Mini Items = 1 Clothing Refinement Stone
  • 10 Event Mini Items = ~1.34 Clothing Refinement Stones

Next, we create a new table where we show everything in Stones (skipping gold):

Table #2: Clothing Refinement Event Analysis / Calculation

Stones Used Chests converted into Clothing Refinement Stones Cumulative Clothing Refinement Stones received Cumulative TOTAL CUMUL %
30 4 4 3 3 7 23%
80 11 15 8 11 26 32%
150 20 35 15 26 61 40%
200 27 61 20 46 107 54%
350 47 108 35 81 189 54%

Note: the table above includes rounded numbers.

So using 350 stones and exchanging chests into stones results in getting 189 stones back, which is a 54% return (roughly half).

This can also be done at the 200 per day level with the same 54% return, but I do not recommend lower tiers are due to much lower rewards return rate.

What if I want to have 100% of Stones?

If you have around 200 or 350 stones you might decide to make sure you get 200 or 350 back so that you can do this event every day for the 3 days duration. So that means we need to get the other 46% of stones from Event Chests which we earned elsewhere.

For 200 daily

Using 200: getting 107 in return according to the table above = need 94 more (they come by 2). 94 Clothing Refinement Stones = 47 Exchanges = 47 x 15 = 705 Event Mini Items or 71 Event Chests.

For 350 daily

Using 350: getting 189 in return according to the table above = need 162 more (they come by 2). 162 Clothing Refinement Stones = 81 Exchanges = 81 x 15 = 1215 Event Mini Items or 122 Event Chests.

So if there is no interesting Exchange or Event for you to use your Event Chests on you can consider doing the above. However paying 71 or 122 Event Chests each day for 3 days is quite a heavy price.


  • Were you aware of this possibility?
  • Are you surprised or disappointed about the return amounts?
  • Are you interested in Clothing Refining?
  • Do you think Wartune is doing a good job / game design with the Clothing Refining and Clothing Refinement Stones?

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  1. and max 99 exchanges event chest for event mini item is possible in event week.

    • this round is 99, previous was 1000, and next expected is 1000

  2. Ty Cosmos providing these infos….

    • 🙂

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