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Best Tiers Analysis for Clothing Refinement Event

Hey everyone! As previously posted we have a new Wartune event, Clothing Refinement, and in this article I calculate the best tiers for it. This analysis should help players decide how many stones to use in order to get the biggest return.

To begin with, here is again the picture of the Clothing Refinement event:

Clothing Refinement Event Analysis

Firstly, just to mention, I will not talk about the gold amounts. While gold is helpful it is not the focus of this event.

So the first observation is that on every event  tier the Clothing Refinement Stone and Event “Chest” Item quantities are the same. This is actually important because it makes the analysis and decision making much easier. If they were not the same we would have to decide what is more important to go for, the event chests or the Clothing Refinement Stones.

The second observation is that the rewards are always 10% of the task for that specific tier. For example 200 refinements gives 20 rewards or 350 give 35 and so on.

Next, let’s construct a table to calculate the cumulative rewards and find the best return for players:


# of Refinements required Clothing Refinement Stone rewards Event “Chest” Item rewards Cumulative rewards Total Return in %
30 3 3 3 10%
80 8 8 11 14%
150 15 15 26 17%
200 20 20 46 23%
350 35 35 81 23%

As you can see from my analysis table the highest returns are either of the last 2 tiers. So:

  • If you have less than 200 Clothing Refinement Stones then it’s probably a better idea to skip the event and gather up to 200 (or at least 150 where the return is 17%)
  • If you have between 200 and 600 Clothing Refinement Stones then you should aim to do 200 per day for the 3 days of the event (so don’t do the 350).
  • Only do the 350 if you have more than 750 stones (1 time + 2 x 200), 900 stones (2 times + 200) and 1050+ stones (3 x 350).

I hope my analysis will be beneficial for you – good luck in your Wartune adventures! 🙂

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  1. Thanks COSMOS.

  2. it actually does not work like that , every clothing refinment stone count 2 times , it means when u use x175 CRS u will get last rewords in events .
    i dont know is it like that on other servers or not but it is on our server.

    • It is but I’m sure it will be fixed by the time the event comes back around again

      • maybe , but i got all event this time 😀

  3. and also its not every day but once in week event.

  4. It would be wonderful to have an explanation of how this new sylph arena scores. I don’t get it at all

  5. Honestly it’s a big rip off this game and i think if everyone was smart they’d all stop spending to make these idiots stop riping us off! They would hopefully realize the rewards arent worth what you spend! Well hopefully they would. Maybe start giving us better rewards? What you think?

  6. I’m sure everyone knows that which can be the only reason as to why the spend. I am fairly sure a car or a house is a better choice to but.

    I like the $585 for a mount and most buying it do not get the stables level bonus due to it is capped st 2500. Before it capped they were $450.. duh!

    Everyone has complete control over costs but nobody will ever do it. Too many “have to” do it more than anything else, its gamers. Price point is set by the people spending, buy it and they raise the price until you stop buying. Stop buying and since they want to make money the price must fall. If most stop spending others will take it as an opportoonity to get ahead. Its no different for horses! If the opportoonity presents itself a different one will take the lead. I’m sure the point could be debated for a long time stupidity vs value. Name in lights thats meaningless in the grand scheme vs costs.

    I like it showing how much is being spend sorta. A few servers if they were smart at the amount they spending to pool their money and buy a server boeing 767.

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