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Holy Forge Event Analysis 15 Jan 2016

Hey guys, in this short analysis post I want to share with you the recommendation on the best amount of Holy Forge to do during this event. This analysis is specific to the Wartune Holy Forge event running for 3 days starting starting from the 15th of January 2016 and any other that has exact same reward tiers.

Holy Forge Event Analysis (daily rewards)

For unlimited rewards there is nothing to analyze so we focus only on daily rewards which are tier based. Furthermore, the focus of the analysis is only about getting maximum amount of event chests (Snowflake Chest) so we also don’t look at Vulcan Pack rewards.

Once per day
Snowflake Chest
Calculation / Analysis
Holy Forge 10 times. to receive: 2 10 / 2 = 5x Holy Forge for 1 Event Chest
Holy Forge 30 times. to receive: 4 adding 20 holy forging to achieve:
30 / 6 = 5x Holy Forge for 1 Event Chest
Holy Forge 50 times. to receive: 6 adding 20 holy forging to achieve:
50 / 12 = 4.16x Holy Forge for 1 Event Chest
Holy Forge 100 times. to receive: 10 adding 50 holy forging to achieve:
100 / 22 = 4.54x Holy Forge for 1 Event Chest
Holy Forge 300 times. to receive: 20 adding 200 holy forging to achieve:
300 / 42 = 7.14x Holy Forge for 1 Event Chest
Holy Forge 600 times. to receive: 50 adding 300 holy forging to achieve:
600 / 92 = 6.52x Holy Forge for 1 Event Chest
Holy Forge 1000 times. to receive: 100 adding 400 holy forging to achieve:
1000 / 192 = 5.20x Holy Forge for 1 Event Chest

Analysis Conclusion & Recommendation to players

What we see from the calculation table above is that unlike some of the previous events, where doing maximum amount was more rewarding, in this specific Holy Forge event the most efficient amount is doing 50 forges per day for 3 days. While this is not a huge number, this amount is the best return on your investment.

Next, it is still OK to go up to 100 forges per day costing 9% more than the 50 forge tier, but this would be more pleasing to people with bigger resources.

Most importantly, the 300 and 600 forge tiers are the absolute worst in terms of efficiency, so I recommend you either go all the way up to 1000 or stop at 100 on daily basis.

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  1. Well, I have to add to this.
    We used to consider only a resource valuable. But with unlimited (or just big) resources the consumable capacity becomes a resource as well. I suppose, no one have lack of hammers, ovens, clamps and smiths. Gold also can be gained, if desired. But the amount you can HF single item is limited. My analysis shows something like 400 times. Cosmos did a test and get 316 times.
    So, always think about effective usage of such capacity. ‘Cause if you can not HF an item – event is useless for you.

    • good point, thanks for sharing, at some point once all equipment is done we will have to do new useless items just to get event rewards (kind of like doing sylph upgrades on useless sylphs)

    • No one has lack of clamps? What? Clamps is the only thing that’s stopping holy forge. Especially if you are unlucky and get 0 from tara.

      • yea, im in that boat..suxxors. Just gotta start doing nirv hell for extra clamps.. Not a fix, but helps.

  2. in my case the problem was gold… I just didn’t have enough, considering I barely finished my 80’s regular set nevemind making it red… and it’s mostly enchanted to+23/+36…


  3. great analysis! Thank you

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