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Is Fusion Chi good for Event Chests?

Hey everyone, when the Fusion Chi and Fusion Spirit were first introduced everyone was excited about these items and put maximum effort to chase them in order to get the benefit of having a Fusion Spirit for Sylph Merging.

Once Fusion Chi “Novelty” Wears off

Now that a little bit of time has passed, seeing the 10 Fusion Chi in the exchanges, made me question if that exchange is worth it. Picture below showing 10 (or 20 basically) event chests for 10 Fusion Chi:

The answer I believe is that we should not participate in this exchange even though there could be different character’s specific situations and I will try to give you a reply for each case:

Red Sylph / Advanced Mahra:

Players who have red sylphs and/or a lot of Advanced Mahra (20k-40k):

  1. If you already have merged sylphs of each type or a total of 3 Odins then you don’t need this exchange.
  2. If you don’t have 3 Odins you might consider to go for it to get your mergers done a tiny little bit faster.

Note: the reason I talk about 3 Odins is because those are the ideal sylphs for Time Portal.

Orange Sylph (normal or merged):

Players who have orange sylphs or orange level Sylph Merges like Loki should see that their main problem is in getting the 5000 moon rocks and 5000 moon dusts and up to 1000 Emblems to refine the Tier 3 merges, so most likely you do not benefit from having a little bit faster Fusion Spirits as your problem is not in merging but in refining.

Those who don’t have any Merged Sylph:

Even if you have no merged sylph at all it is important to realize that an orange Tier 3 merge, which is limited to only Normal Sepulcrums and Mahra, is not actually very strong. So you should set your aims at refining it asap or going for the more difficult Tier 4 merge.

Therefore you should put your efforts in either getting a ton of advanced mahra or in resources to refine a Tier 3 (e.g. Loki) into a Tier 4 (e.g. Odin). In both of these cases your problem is not Fusion Chi.

Sophisticated Lucky Exchange

You could see in my drop rate report for these Lucky Exchanges that 10 event chests, in average, would yield 3-4 Fusion Chi anyways if you participated in the Sophisticated Lucky Exchange instead of this exchange. While that is indeed less than 10, it does give you other good resources. And, moreover, a chance to get a free merged sylph. This option is much better i think.

What about the Event Mini Items?

Lastly, should we even consider exchanging the mini items? There are 2 options for this I believe.

  1. If you have too many event mini items then there is not much to talk about 🙂
  2. Otherwise, there are 3-4 other exchanges / alternatives to consider before spending on Fusion Chi:
    • 10 clothing shards for 100 is much better.
    • 10 Beast chests, although with a really low chance of a mount, is still better just in case you get lucky to get a mount (you get whips and gold worst case). Similar logic applies to Clothing chests for a chance for Wings.
    • And then there are 200, 400, 600, and 800 event mini item exchanges for Mounts which can be recycled into Beast Souls.
    • All of the above options I believe now are better than the Fusion Chi for 100 items.

What do you guys think? Are your thoughts in line with my explanations / tips on Fusion Chi or you have other opinions about this exchange?

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  1. Obviously no…

  2. COSMOS, you know how many Rave will come?

    • 7.213881 lol
      no, nobody knows this as the owners do not communicate
      but since they are making good money the chances are that they will keep on appearing at least for now
      cheers, Cosmos

      • tyvm for info and job.

      • 🙂

  3. I think the time to use it is when a sylph event is coming and you are only a few chi shy of being able to merge.

    I think in the begging people used a lot of their stored items for merge and now – as you said – have to build back up. For them, when they get close to that next one (for non cashers) it would be time to look at those exchanges again.

    I have 2 Odins, a Thor and a Frigga and not enough stuff to make the 3rd Odin, so no use to trade for more chi at the point. Eventually, maybe. The second Odin is the only one I didn’t cash for. (well Tyree/Thor came from making Frigga back when)

  4. I think this exchange may be worth doing up until you have your first merged sylph. You have to dump a ton of resources into it once it’s made, so it’s good to get started as soon as you can, but beyond that, you can probably wait on merging more, and plan out your extra resources (seals, dust & rocks, bb’s for skills, etc.)

  5. thanks alot for the advice , you convinced me
    instead of doing wrong steps and figure it out , you showed me the right thing to do from the begining 🙂
    ♥ ♥ ♥ :*

    • 🙂

  6. If you don’t need fusion spirit and have lot of chi, how about exchanging fusion chi for Ares/Poseidon/Herc/GOP seal and sacrificing for 1600-2000 adv seps? Does that work? This might be helpful for people already with lower merged sylphs after they refine.

    BTW, agree on event chests to fusion chi return 🙂

    • Don’t try seal sacrifice, gives only 160-200 on purple ones 🙁

  7. Hey Cosmos,

    Do you think or is it in your knowledge that the fusion spirit which replaces 60K BB for merge, will it be possible in near future to recycle fusion spirit for 60K BB instead? just a thought 😉

    GunsSlinger R2Games S632

    • hehe, i am sure a lot of players would like that but i doubt they will do that
      – Cosmos

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