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Easy Ways to Earn Beast Souls

The Mount Shop in Wartune is a place that allows you to purchase mounts with Beast Souls. It seems like there are not many way to get beast souls for free, but there are several ways to get them without purchasing anything!

Beast Soul (mount shop) icon Wartune

Getting Beast Souls from Mini Games:

Every day in the Gamebox there is a new game to play. Playing games gives you a chance to get Nickles. Every day what you can exchange nickles for different items. Most days beast souls can be found in this exchange. 10 beast souls for 100 nickles.


Getting Beast Souls from League Insignia:

Make sure to do Team Arena daily. Win or lose, you will get League Insignia. For every 3k league insignia, you can exchange for the Venomous Leopard card. If you have already activated this mount card, you may recycle it to receive 120 beast souls. Arena rewards come out every week. You will get extra league insignia when these rewards come out. However, league insignias expire the last day of the month so make sure you use them.

To activate a mount card, double-click on it. If you have already activated it, a window will pop up prompting you to recycle it

Getting Beast Souls from Shadow Souls:

There is a temporary mount and a permanent mount available when doing Tower of Kings. You may exchange 800 Shadow Souls for the Netherwing Dragon. If you have already activated this card, you may recycle it for beast souls.

Getting Beast Souls from Mystery Stones:

Killing monsters, elites, and bosses in Wilds drop Mystery Stones often. 1200 mystery stones can be exchanged for the Majestic Stingray mount. If you have already activated this card, you will get 160 beast souls for it.

Getting Beast Souls from Game Events:

Events like Cross Server Guild Battle and Chaos Wars have mounts in their shops to exchange for. Depending on the mount, if you have already activated it, you can get between 80 and 180 beast souls!

Temporary mounts cannot be recycled for beast souls and not all permanent mounts can be recycled.

Getting Beast Souls from Event Chests:

Monthly Event chests, just like the Beast Souls Chest, may drop beast souls. The following link shows an example of drop rates from event chests.

Marshmallow Chest Drop Rate Report

Getting Beast Souls from Archaeology:

By doing Archaeology daily you can get a lot of Beast Souls both from the general Map rewards as well as from dedicated Maps such as Murken Forest (see reference below):

Archaeology Rewards Guide


There are more places in Wartune to get Beast Souls. In this article we highlighted 7 places. Comment below on the ways you found work best for obtaining beast souls!

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  1. You can also get the guild shop one by exchanging fangs of fear.

    • Cost is too high to buy and recycle. Better off using it to raise stats.


      • once your stats maxed advance you can do this.

  2. Are you able to recycle the Blazing Lynx card? I had been told you are unable to. I use my fangs to level up my stats as TomKo44 said so I don’t know first hand on this.

  3. Every mount that can’t be recycled will say so in the detail window when you hover over the card. If it doesn’t say it can’t be recycled (or is a temp mount, as there’s no way to recycle a temp mount), then it converts to beast souls.

    The blazing lynx isn’t quite as expensive as it looks these days, since you get quite a few fangs from guild beast, and intermittently several thousand from archaeology. You may technically get more actual stat value from the guild skills, but I find them a lot less satisfying, and the prorated bonuses are tiny either way.

  4. why ancient snipe mount the game don’t let you buy another one but venomous leopard in arena shop yes (since you wrote it can be recycled)?

    • I am not sure why the devs have it set up the way that they do. Some cards are able to be recycled while others are not. If a card cannot be recycled, it will say so on the mount card itself.

  5. As of last update it was impossible to buy venomous leopard more than once did they change it or are they messing with some people and not others

    • I buy the venomous lepard card at least 3 times a month with league insignias.

  6. u forget one mount from gulid what u buy with fangs
    u can buy again

  7. class war shop mounts also can be recycled and you have there plenty to chose from.

    • that’s true only for Top 100 players though; most people get only around 400-600 crystals

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